class choosing from people who know!

<p>Hey I have to figure out my schedule for last year...can u guys help?</p>

<p>i can pick...
AP English Lit or Lang
AP BC/ AP Stat
AP Physics/ AP Bio</p>

<p>has anyone self studied for AP Bio, and if so... how easy is it?? </p>

<p>i'm thinking about taking</p>

<p>AP english lit
AP Econ
AP Spanish 5
AP Phyiscs</p>



<p>Take Eng lit, not lang. </p>

<p>And calc is awesome.</p>

<p>Other than that, I haven't taken any of those classes, except AP bio, which I find terribly dull.</p>

<p>I think you've made the right choices!</p>

<p>wow 5 APs. our school is dumb. we gotta take mandatory dumb classes. like Alaska Studies. No one gives a flying wedge of monkey poo about alaska.</p>

<p>yeah, I'm sometimes surprised w/ people taking more than 3 AP's per year. Since my school uses block scheduling, I can't take a lot of AP's per yaer.</p>

<p>Heck, my school only offers 5 total.</p>

<p>my school offers 12...but of course it's impossible to take all of them, in fact, the most anybody has ever taken has been 11, and only one person has ever done that. I'll graduate with 9. I'm taking ap bio, but I'm not self-studying so I can't really help you out. My senior schedule will have 5 or 6 AP's (depends on whether I take physics or not)</p>

<p>I wish we had more AP classes, we only have 3. I hate my school.</p>

<p>well my school's AP classes aren't even that challenging...there more like honors classes. Sure, they require a bit more work, but they aren't hard...except math. But that may just be because the math teachers suck here. -</p>

<p>ya my school has a lot... ur only supposed to take like 4 max per year, but as a junior i'm already taking 4 so i have to increase the number of Ap's</p>

<p>it depends if you are a math person or an english person.</p>

<p>i am an english person, so I would do:
AP English Lit
AP Stats
AP Bio
...and actually, if you replace spanish with AP Human Geo that is my schedule right now :)</p>

<p>a math person might prefer:
AP English Lang
AP Econ
AP Physics</p>

<p>also, for the English class...if you are able to read and understand the meaning/concept behind works, analyze, formulate your own meaning and ideas, etc. (don't forget the poetry, which is impossible for some people!), take Lit. If not, take Lang.</p>

<p>finally, don't let us make the decision for you! Think about what YOU like to learn best/do well in. A lot of the classes you listed above were pretty distinctive, and you should be able to compare them and decide which fits you best.</p>

<p>good luck :)</p>

<p> AP Language like grammar? That's a class I may take next year (senior)...but if it's just grammar I don't want to take it nor do I need to...I'll just take AP British Literature...our school offers just about every AP course...</p>

<p>mine doesn't. we only have ap english LIT, no lang. at all.</p>

<p>I'll relate the two with how it is at my school (in my school, it is also set up so you take Lang in 11th grade and Lit in 12th grade)...</p>

<p>AP Lang. is not grammar, per se, but I would say it is more about building a foundation for being a good english student. In my lang class we read and analyzed readings, learned about literary devices/techniques, did timed writings which were based on short passages or in in the style of "Defend, Challenge, or Qualify" a statement. Sometimes we were also given open-ended statements (like on the AP Lang test last year). Basically, you began to learn how to write on a higher level.</p>

<p>In Lit you are expected to know about those lit. devices/techniques already. You should also already be a good, quick writer. You go a lot more in depth in the reading you do. You also cover poetry, and more works of literary merit. In Lang we read good books, but in Lit we read The Classics (lol). Basically you read the stuff that is more complex, more ambiguous, and has more things to analyze, do conceptual thinking with, etc.</p>

<p>I think the best way to show the differences in these two classes is to look at what type of books you read in each one, and at the AP test for each one.</p>

<p>Both test have multiple choice sections that require you to be a fast and accurate reader. You should be able to read a passage, understand it, recognize it's meaning/purpose and the techniques used, etc. I've noticed that on the Lang test though, that the harder passages were more difficult because they were harder to read...that is they would be written in an "Olde English" style, or in a very convoluted way. In Literature, the harder passages are hard because it is more difficult to understand the purpose/meaning of the passage or the poem.</p>

<p>The essays for the Language test are usually based on short passages that you read and then analyze for point of view, techniques used, author's view/purpose, etc. There is also the "Defend, Challenge, or Qualify" a statement that i mentioned above, and the opened-ended style questions.</p>

<p>On the Literature test, you receive questions on passages that you read, but you are also given topics and then a list of books (that you will have been expected to have read beforehand), and asked to answer the question using support from one of the novels on the list. </p>

<p>Try finding old AP Lit and Lang test and comparing them to get a better understanding of what I mean.</p>

<p>Finally...just think about it ap LANGUAGE and ap LITERATURE lol</p>

<p> think I'll take Literature...I already know about the different devices and crap and I'm a good writer and I write poetry, and I'm a "good" reader</p>

<p>yea i've realized i have the hardest Junior schedule in my grade... 4 Ap's one Adv. and english 11 no art.. only 4 studyhalls a week... it's nice. not really</p>