Class of '10??

<p>Wow! CC is telling me this forum has been inactive for 30 days. Does that mean that I am the only person out here interested in Hollins U? I'd be very surprised by that!</p>

<p>So I applied and have been accepted for fall '06 admission. I'm not sure if I will end up attending Hollins or not ... I want to hear financial aid packages and such from other schools I've applied to before I commit.</p>

<p>I'm especially interested in Hollins' Creative Writing program, which is supposed to be one of the best in the country for a school its size. The campus is beautiful (I visited last fall), and the admissions staff has been incredible to work with!!</p>

<p>Love to hear others' thoughts on Hollins...</p>

<p>Im a sophmore(hs) but im very interested can u tell me more about it from ur visit im interested in it(nice area) and horsebackriding(supposably well known for it) I LOVE horseback riding so i would want to go for that(but u probably dont know ne thing aboutt that but what the campus is liek and everything)</p>

<p>Hey! The Hollins campus is SO beautiful! It's kind of set outside of Roakoke, out in the country. When I visited, I didn't go into Roakoke; I wasn't even aware of the city. Lots of wide open green area around the college. The buildings are very pretty for the most part, too -- Main, East and West buildings have wonderful big white porches. (Their dining room is so pretty too! lol)</p>

<p>If you are really, really interested in Hollins, you should contact the Admissions Office (800-456-9595). I love their admissions staff! The admission officer in charge of students from my area has been so wonderful.</p>

<p>I hope that you get to visit campus before you have to make your decision. What other schools are you interested in? If I can tell you anything else about Hollins, I would be happy to. Just let me know...</p>

<p>Hey guys! I'm Torey, a first-year here @ HU. Do y'all have any questions about Hollins?</p>

<p>Hi Torey-</p>

<p>I just popped my head into this forum. Although I did not apply to Hollins (I will be a freshman at the University of Chicago in the fall.), I do know someone who is a current student there. Her name is Emily, so I thought that perhaps you might know her. Upon hearing that she would be attending Hollins University, I checked out the university's website. The campus looks quite beautiful and pleasant and a place where I am sure Emily and youself are finding much enjoyment. It seems a truly excellent place to spend four years of one's life.</p>

<p>Best of wishes, Torey, and good luck to you as you persue your major.</p>