Class of 2009!!

<p>Hey everybody... I'm starting a thread for all of those people (like myself) who have committed to Williams for the fall... because we need to start chatting!! So yeah...
First off... where are you from? And why did you choose Williams?</p>

<p>Ct - because it rules.</p>

<p>CA-Because Stacey and Lauren are going.</p>

<p>TX - because its the only place i got accepted ;)</p>

<p>India - I loved the idea of small classes, and the people at Williams seem really nice and helpful</p>

<p>Thailand - the PURPLE COW! :)</p>

<p>washington- how could you not?</p>

<p>hehe... :) YAY! I'm so excited. :)</p>

<p>Ca, first choice</p>

<p>Georgia - why not!</p>

<p>You're from GA too?!?!?! SWEET! IM me sometime... my AIM screenname is nishmouth.</p>

<p>well since we are on a Georgia roll i am from GA as well</p>

<p>NY- money and winter study</p>

<p>CA- becuz its far away :)</p>