Class of 2011 - Where ?

<p>Feedback is appreciated.</p>

GPA: Overall; 96.5/100.0
(Freshman; 94.9% / Sophomore; 97.1% / Junior; 97.4%)
Rank: 13 of 372 (Top 3.5%)
SAT I: 2330 (Critical Reading; 740, Math; 790, Writing; 800)
SAT II: Biology-E; 690, Literature; 660, Math Level 1; 740</p>

Math Club; Officer, Vice-President, President
Mathlete Team; Captain
Certificate of Merit; New York Math League
Silver; Nassau County Interscholastic Math League
Spanish Club; President
School Newspaper; Feature Editor
Essay published in "Authors of Tomorrow" (Elder & Leemaur Publishers)
Poem published in "With One Voice" (The America Library of Poetry)
Local Youth Football Clinic Volunteer; Assistant Coach
General Student Organization Volunteer; Senior Leader
Studio Art
2nd Place; School Art Contest
National Honor Society
National Merit Semifinalist
Honor Roll
1st Place; School Biology Fair
2nd Place; School Physics Fair
Brown University Summer Program
Babysitting job</p>

<p>State: New York
School Type: Private (Catholic)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Gender: Male</p>

Notre Dame

<p>um....i really hate to say this but....too many ec's? unless your totally committed to all of them, im distracted by the number of them. however i would say that your ecs and academics are strong enough to qualify you for the ivies. i dont know too much info about the others...</p>

<p>Too many ECs?
I'm really committed to ALL of them... Why would you even say that?</p>

<p>In all seriousnes, I think you have great chances at any school. At Penn, Williams and Amherst... you're chances are good, although it's up in the air for all three of those. The same <em>may</em> be true of Georgetown.</p>

<p>Although you're looking pretty good at all the rest. You're stats are superb.</p>

<p>Penn - Slight Reach
Cornell - High Match/Match
Georgetown - Match
Amherst - Slight Reach
Williams - Slight Reach
BC - Low Match/Safety
Notre Dame - Match
Colgate - Low Match
Binghamton - Safety</p>

<p>Oh, interesting responses.</p>

<p>If I were to get into any of the first 5 I'd be real happy...</p>

<p>Penn- slight reach
Cornell- match/slight reach
GTown- as close to a safe match as gtown could ever be
Amherst- reach
Williams- reach
BC- safety
Colgate- even more of a safety than BC
Bing- super super safety</p>

<p>what CHSAA school do you go to? im gonna say chaminade</p>

<p>You have a superb chance at all of these schools.</p>

<p>Oh, thank you.
I really don't know.</p>

<p>Here flopsy =)</p>

<p>Penn- slight reach
Cornell- slight reach
Georgetown- slight reach
Amherst- match
Williams- slight reach/ match
BC- match
Notre Dame- slight reach
Colgate- match
Binghamton- match</p>

<p>K if you say so</p>

<p>If I were an admissions person the only thing that would bother me is the gap between your SATs and your Subject Test scores. You look like you are not absorbing stuff to your ability level.
I think I would come to the conclusion that you are over-invested in a variety of activities rather than think you are a slacker. Of course that interpretation would work in your favor. But is the intellectual passion there?
Regardless, I think you'll get into at least one of your top choices. And you can only go to one!</p>

<p>YOur sat iis are weak, but I still think you have a good shot.</p>

<p>Yes, I think my SAT IIs are one of the weaker parts of my app... Thankfully all my schools except Georgetown look at the two highest, which average to a 715 (probably slightly below average for my choices).</p>

<p>Much of the reason for the large gap between my SAT I and SAT II scores is because my school doesn't offer AP/Honors classes... Everyone takes the same, standard classes, which aren't of an AP level, so many subject tests are above the level of what I cover... Even with Biology, I got a 690 and that was mainly through self-study. Hopefully the SAT IIs aren't weighted as much as the SAT I (and I don't think they are?).</p>

<p>And as for passion among my ECs... There definitely is, whether you can see it or not. I think a love for math can be seen, through my activities/awards/test scores/grades (math is always my highest). I also love writing, which many think is weird combo (math & writing). I'm also an art freak, an have tons of books of my artwork at home and I previously took a Studio Art class... This wasn't hilighted in my app, but thankfully I was able to elaborate on it during interviews. I would also like to pursue anthropology, which I spoke all about in my personal essay.</p>

<p>They may very well interpret your Subject Scores as having to do with the general level of your school. I think they might be more forgiving.</p>