Class of 2012 - Heard Anything Yet

<p>I’ve seen this thread on a few other schools and so thought I’d add it here for new news. I know a few got in early back in December - was that EA or ED? Has Elon been waiting on everyone else till after this weekend’s final audition on 3/14? Anyone hear when and how Elon is going to notify? Maybe someone auditioning 3/14 can update us after based on what they say.</p>

<p>MOFAP, my D was the girl that was accepted EA in Dec. However, she since found out about an ED acceptance and so she will not be heading to Elon in the Fall, freeing up a "girl spot" in the process.</p>

<p>I believe to remember that Elon waits until after this weekend's audition with their notifications; some heard quite quickly afterwards, and for others it took a little longer.</p>

<p>Almost there :)!</p>

<p>Shall we send the thank you to Tisch or your daughter for that extra spot? LOL </p>

<p>After traveling around I am amazed at the choices they have to make. It really does come down to individual preferences as well as program differences. For one the excitement of NYC and for another the serene beauty of the North Carolina countryside. </p>

<p>I'm sure talented students like your daughter could thrive and succeed anywhere.</p>

<p>I think this Friday is the last audition date, so they are probably waiting till after that to send out their offers. My S is very anxiously awaiting this one, too, as he auditioned there Feb. 15 and it is his absolute top choice now.</p>

<p>MomOfAPrincess - I think I have referred to on other threads as my D's list of colleges being quite "eclectic" :D. And yes, although she is a "city girl" at heart, and never expected to fall in love with Elon the way she did when she visited, she put it on her "top 12 list" because of her own research. She attended BTP a couple of summers ago, and people there raved about the program. Then she found out for herself that the curriculum and program philosophy would have been a perfect fit for her. Add to that she loves Elon's faculty, and has some very talented friends who are thriving there and you get the total picture. Yes, it is not located in the heart of Manhattan :), but hey New York is only a plane ride away.</p>

<p>And you are so right, it really comes down to someone's personal preferences. Believe me, when I say that I learned a lot about my D in this process :D</p>

<p>MomOfAPrincess - My D is also waiting anxiously to hear from Elon which is her top choice after visiting and seeing Phantom on her audition weekend. We know that one girl was offered a spot by "thin envelope" (a friend from a state bordering NC) from the early Feb. audition. No talent scholarship offered and no phone call as has been described by some of the other posters. I think this friend does not have Elon on the top of her list so that may make another girl spot available.
Good luck to your D. When did she audition? My D auditioned Feb. 15.</p>

<p>My daughter also auditioned Feb 15th. And yes we were very impressed by Phantom. It's good to know about the thin envelope. Best of luck to your daughter - I hope she gets in. I can't believe we are at last in the final days. Things sure seem to be hopping on this board lately.</p>

<p>Yes things seem to be picking up. It's nice to read the post for parents and kids alike on here. We all know how hard the kids work to get into the programs. I never knew how competitive MT was. I know the hard work that my D puts in with just being IB and then all the theater things she does. Well good luck to all</p>

<p>you should be finding out. i found out last week and i auditioned feb 8th</p>

<p>Did you hear by letter or a phone call?</p>

<p>I auditioned Feb. 29th and heard from a current MT student who was helping with auditions that people wouldn't be hearing till after March 14th (this Friday) and that phone calls would happen this Saturday. (March 15th) I don't know if they'll call everyone who's accepted then, or just some. It's a lot to decide! But he said that that's when they HAVE to make their final decisions. So hang in there! It will be soon! I assume rejection letters will be mailed out then too (and arrive within the next week or so). Elon is my number one as well, and I would die if I actually got in! It's such an amazing program!! </p>

<p>Best of Luck to EVERYONE!!</p>

<p>oh quick question - Does Elon have a waiting list? Or do they just accept a certain number of people and hope that the right number accept their offer? Or do they have a waiting list, to wait and see if they get an even number of boys and girls to accept?</p>

<p>My D also auditioned on Feb 29th, and also heard some of the current MT students talking about when the final decisions would be made. They said that they thought the committee would be meeting over the weekend following the March 14th audition (which would mean this upcoming weekend), and would be making calls very soon after. I would certainly caution everyone to not be devastated if you don't get a call on Saturday -- we certainly didn't get the impression that they were going to be ready to make those calls the very day after the audition. However, it did sound like they were going to try and make those decisions as soon as possible following Friday's audition.</p>

<p>So, don't sit home all day on Saturday waiting for that phone to ring! You'll just drive yourselves crazy!!</p>

<p>(By the way, did I mention I'll be home all day Saturday?? Just kidding!!!)</p>

<p>Last year Elon had a very short waitlist. I heard it was 3 boys and 1 girl, but that may not be FACT, just something I heard. However, I don't think anyone got off the waitlist because so many accepted their offers that Elon's freshman class was big, with 28 MT majors. So maybe they will have a waitlist again this year? Not sure.
Good luck to those waiting for a yes! Shouldn't be long now!</p>

<p>Theatregirl08 - Congratulations!! I assume that was an acceptance?</p>

<p>You guys have made me nervous now...Best of luck to all of you waiting to hear!</p>

<p>Im in Elon right now!! My audition is tomorrow!!!!!</p>


<p>Break a leg!</p>

<p>My daughter is there too. He dad brought her. I hope you both break a leg!</p>

<p>Well, today is the day you can check application status on line. My D auditioned 2/29 and her status has now changed to "In Committee". So, I'm assuming everyone who has not been accepted or rejected at this point is "In Committee" awaiting the results of today's audition & follow-up meeting for final class selections. Anyone get a different admission status reading today?</p>