Class of 2012: Summer To Do List

<p>Okay, I created this because I saw a "Summer To Do List" at the bottom of the screen and I was so excited (how helpful!) but it was for the Naval Academy.... Soooo I've decided that us rising juniors hoping to go to a top-tier school should create a to-do list of things we need to do this summer. </p>

<p>(P.S. Haha sorry if you've seen mine Class of 2012 SAT study thread and Class of 2012 Princeton hopefuls.....I've just been recently engulfed in an onslaught of Class of 2012 pride, and I'm just pretty pumped that we are finally old enough to create threads on CC for our Class...if that makes any sense :) ) </p>

<p>I'll start:</p>

<li>Study for the SATs</li>

<p>(Sorry if there isn't a whole lot that could go on this list, just thought it'd be helpful in case there was something some one didn't think of)</p>

<li>sp's </li>
<li>think up a science fair topic [blehhh]</li>
<li>plan for clubs next year</li>
<li>4 summer homework assignments :P</li>


<p>1.Study for ACT and SAT
2.Continue volunteering
3. Try to get a job
4.Finish summer class assignments
5.Look into some college stuff</p>

<p>sp's? 10char</p>

<p>Oh and I just thought that we'd all add on to the list but since we are doing individual ones I shall complete mine :)</p>

<li>Study for SATs</li>
<li>Volunteer at Hospital</li>
<li>Take PreCalc at Local University (and get an's a freaking difficult class!!)</li>
<li>Summer Assignments...grrr, can you say busy work?!?!</li>
<li>Academic Decathlon Stuff (a overwhelmingly massive amount)</li>
<li>Self-Study APs</li>

<p>Yay I love these productive summers so much more than we were little kids and all we had to do was watch TV and walk around's so much more fun now :)</p>

<p>sp's = summer programs
OP, precalc at a university? i iz confused.</p>

<li>Job at a summer camp for kids</li>
<li>Find a place to volunteer at</li>
<li>Summer camp at Stanford!</li>
<li>Summer reading. Prepare as much as possible for IB D:</li>

<p>@ mrbh12....why confused :)? I'm taking Precalculus at a university nearby because our math department is a little bit slow (I was in the most advanced math possible and I only took Alg II last year) so I'm taking Precalc this summer so I can take Calc my junior year, and AP Calc my senior year. You don't have to take Calc before AP Calc but the AP Calc teacher is intense (plus a horrid teacher) so the only people who gets A's in that class are those that took Calc beforehand. I would just go ahead and take AP calc next year anyway but we don't offer BC so there wouldn't really be a point. Does that answer your question? Sorry that was an extremely long explanation :)</p>

<p>ahh your system is weird
i was confused b/c i thought people only took like differential calculus and lkjahd math at universities.</p>

<p>^ You mean because you can't take them all or because you want to take more?</p>

<li>Finish three AoPS books (Intermediate Algebra, Precalc, and Calc) (I'm about 75% through Precalc, 25% through Algebra, and 45% through Calc, so it's not as bad as it seems)</li>
<li>AP Physics C: Mechanics (self-study with Halliday/Resnick/Krane textbook)</li>
<li>APUSH summer reading</li>
<li>AwesomeMath Summer Program</li>
<li>NOT study for SATs (2360, 770 Bio M, 800 Chem/Math 2/Physics. That's right.)</li>

<p>Starting early on physics, because I need to cover all the material in the textbook (3+ semesters' worth) in time for USPhO semifinals in March (assuming I pass Fnet=ma)...</p>

<p>Energize, what textbook are you using to study for USPhO?</p>

<p>make bankk</p>

<p>@Rohitht: Physics, by Halliday, Resnick, and Krane. I think it's a pretty standard textbook used in many universities. (Apparently, the editions with Walker as an author are worse than the Krane version...)</p>

<li>Study for NJCL</li>
<li>Finish internship at UofC</li>
<li>Did I mention studying for NJCL</li>

<p>^ @ kash money</p>

<p>I was planning on attempting USABO also. Have you already registered/signed-up? Not sure how that works......</p>

<p>naw, i'm going to ask my AP bio teacher when school starts to sign me up, but not until i ace the first couple of tests so she doesn't think i'm stupid. :)</p>

<p>Okay good!! I was just making sure there's still time to sign up! No one at my school has done it before so I was just making sure :) Thanks!</p>

<p>What's NJCL btw?</p>

<p>Never mind, I just looked it up! That's soooo awesome!!! So do you have to speak Latin or Greek in order to go?</p>

<li>A's in summer school (required courses)</li>
<li>A in college course</li>
<li>Summer reading</li>
<li>APUSH homework</li>
<li>Study for SAT's</li>
<li>Go to the beach a lot :)</li>

<li>study SATs</li>
<li>volunteer at a summer camp for 1 week</li>
<li>go overseas to help run free medical clinics</li>
<li>AP Eng readings</li>
<li>travel =]</li>