CLASS OF 2012: What classes are you taking in your Freshman Fall Semester next year??

<p>Double Major: Electrical Engineering and Chemical & Bimolecular Engineering, with a concentration in Interfaces & Nanotechnology :)</p>

<p>Chemistry I
Chemistry I Lab
Calculus II or III (probably 2 just to be safe...have a 5 on AP Calc BC, but still...)
Java Programming I
Intro to Electrical Engineering
Economics I</p>

<p>17 credits units...yeah, I'm hard core :)</p>

<p>Organic Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry I Lab
Beginning Norwegian I
Great Conversations (english, history, philosophy combined set of courses)
Calculus II (Honors?)
Swim Fitness</p>

<p>Proof Based Calculus 2
Human Being and the Citizen
Islamic Thought and Literature
Elements of Economic Analysis I
Intro Bio</p>

<p>Math with Econ concentration major</p>

<p>Core classes. Blah.</p>

<p>bump, interesting topic.</p>

<p>Jeez, you guys have picked out all your classes already?? I don't register for classes until August.</p>

<p>Are these classes you guys have already registered for or are these you're planning on taking?</p>

<p>@CurrySpice: HAHAHA Swim fitness? Let me guess--Columbia or Cornell?</p>

<p>You guys should say what schools you are attending as well. I like this topic though...I get my class registration packet this week =]</p>

<p>To elaborate, it'll likely be:
-English Rhetoric
-Basic Calculus
-World History
-Foreign Language (haven't decided which yet)
-Human Nutrition (or some other science class meant for non-science majors)</p>

<p>Anyway, yeah, ALL core classes. None for my major. :(</p>

<p>beefs, you know you have to petition to take 5 classes in a quarter right?</p>

<p>just ones im considering. im def not taking 5 as a freshman haha.</p>

<p>My son is in an accelerated program (Masters in Phyisican Assistant Studies at the end of 5 years), with no electives. First semester is only 15 credits and he's taking:</p>

<p>Molecular/Cell Biology
" " " Lab
Chemistry of Life
" " " Lab
College Composition
Intro to PA profession
Sacred Scriptures</p>

<p>Guys, way to go...I've given no thought to it. Maybe the core courses.</p>

<p>I believe, as a freshman, at least for your first semester, you shouldn't focus much on your college courses but rather participate in college events or look out to make friends. In the beginning, eveyone will be lookiong for friends, and that is the time to set your foot in the social environment. Moreover, high school classes and college classes are way different, so a less rigorous first semester will help us make our transition better. Once, you are set in, then u can up your courses anytime. Messing your GPA because you challenged yourself more than it was necessary in the beginning will make you regret later.</p>

<p>This differs entirely from individual to individual. If you think otherwise, please post. Good luck for coming days. :)</p>

<p>OK, new UPDATED list:</p>

<p>Chemistry I --------------------------------3
Chemistry I Lab ----------------------------1
Intro to Electrical Engineering ---------------3
Java Programming I -------------------------3
HONORS Single Variable Calculus ------------4
Economics I --------------------------------3</p>

<p>Total: 17 Credits</p>