Class of 2012

<p>Anyone else got in?
If you have decided to attend U of R, which colleges did you turn down?</p>

<p>I have been accepted to the University of Richmond and will attend this fall.</p>

<p>I have also been accepted to, and am turning down, Villanova University, University of Wisconsin Madison, Fairfield University, and Siena College.</p>

<p>It was a tough decision between Richmond and Villanova, but it ultimately was Richmond’s top ranked business school, unique traditions, beautiful (and I mean beautiful!) campus, and the friendly, sophisticated students that persuaded me to attend there. I couldn't have asked for a better school.</p>

<p>Go Spiders!</p>

<p>Do they only notify by snail mail or can you find out through the site?</p>

<p>They only snail-mail decisions.</p>

<p>I've been accepted to UR also, and it's pretty high up on my list, but it's the only school I've found out about so far - so, when the rest of my decisions come in at the end of the month, I'll be able to figure things out.</p>

<p>Accepted - without aid so unable to attend.</p>

<p>I wasn't chosen for any sort of schoarship either. But If U OF R is really that a great school. I think I will have no problems whatsoever attending the college!
chloe12, I also applied to Villanova whoes ranking in bussiness week in higher than that of U OF R. But Villanova is school with big student population! I personally want to go to a bigger school (size) with relatively smaller student population. U of R satisfies me.
But im not sure U OF R receives a lot of pubic recognization. she is after all a regionally prestigious college.</p>

<p>BTW, I am an international student.</p>

<p>^ Financial situations matter no matter how great the school. Even if harvard admits me without aid. I CANNOT attend.</p>

<p>I understand your suituation! Where do you think you will end up going?</p>

<p>did you guys get in ed or rd?</p>

<p>I applied RD and was notified of my acceptance when I didn't move on to the finalist round of Richmond Scholars. However, I haven't gotten my official "acceptance" letter or financial aid package yet - that will come when everyone else's does.</p>

<p>kelliebm- To which other colleges did you apply?</p>

<p>I also applied to William & Mary, Villanova, Vassar, and Princeton (just for fun, since I know I wouldn't get in).</p>

<p>Ojin, I personally also love the Richmond campus much more than the Villanova campus (I've visted both). Granted, I visited Richmond during a beautiful summer day and Villanova during a cold, blustery, snow-on-the-ground yucky melting everywhere day. However, one difference was that since I visited Villanova during the winter rather than the summer, students were there and out and about. None of them were very nice. My dad and I were trying to find the Admissions building and we stopped and asked someone walking by and he said "I don't know" and walked away. However, everyone we encountered at Richmond was very friendly. While both schools are quite "preppy" so to speak, I found the kids at Richmond to be much more receptive.</p>

<p>I wonder which of the two receives more public recognization.
Villanova also has a great bussiness school which ranks 13 in bussiness week.
But the student population really scares me. Her undergraduate school alone has over 6000 students... This is a huge number for most Liberal Art Colleges!</p>

<p>Another university that is up high on my list is Trinity University which ranks 1 in the master's university (west) category. I dont know which college is better match me. I want to do finance in college. Both schools have business programs. The difference is UR has a business school whereas Trinity only has a business department! Besides, Trinity's tuition is a lot cheapter than that of UR. But I can afford both schools. Trinity's location is San antonio, Texas.
Is anyone willing to compare and contrast the two colleges?
Thank you</p>

<p>I really don't know much about Trinity, I'm sorry :( But I understand your confusion; choosing a college is so overwhelming, even for someone who's visited all the campuses, so I can't imagine picking one having never seen the place.</p>

<p>One difference between Richmond and Villanova which made a difference for me is that at Richmond, you can live on-campus for all four years. However, at Villanova, your senior year, you must live off-campus. I personally would rather not deal with the hassle of finding an apartment and finding the money to pay for it.</p>

<p>However, when I visited Villanova, it really didn't seem all that big to me. Not bigger than Richmond, anyway. This is also coming from someone who only applied to smaller, liberal arts schools. The class sizes are more important to me than the number of students, and Villanova still has small classes. But, again, I still like Richmond better.</p>

<p>me too! Richmond rocks!</p>

<p>Kelliem, how much did you get from UR?</p>

<p>Is anyone getting these acceptances last few day "regular decision"? I thought regular decision notifications were not coming out until April 1 and would to know if letters are to be expected any day now - my D is applying. Thks.</p>

<p>some RD notifications are alreday out, like in my case, i got my acceptance notification early this week.</p>

<p>Eli, no letters have actually been sent out yet. I think most international applicants have been informed in the past few days through e-mail, and most people who were involved in the Richmond Scholars thing know if they're accepted or not, which also came in an e-mail a few weeks ago (all finalists are already accepted, and some semi-finalists were also accepted, which is my case.) However, those kids haven't gotten physical "acceptance letters" or financial aid packages yet - they will come in the mail when the rest of the RD decisions are mailed.</p>

<p>Ojin, I'm not sure how much I've gotten yet since I haven't gotten my aid package yet. I already know I didn't recieve any "merit" money, but as far as actual need-based aid goes, I won't know till around the end of the month I'm guessing. That factor is going to be really important in deciding if I'll go or not.</p>