class of 2014, chances?

<p>Okay guys, Im from Vancouver Canada, and im a prospective student to Cornell which has been my number one choice for the longest time. Im only a sophomore and i've been in love with Cornell simply for its rigid encouragement of individuality and equality among students. Heres my profile so far:</p>

<p>GPA: 96% (I'm not sure about weighted and unweighted)</p>

<p>SAT's: okay here's the thing, I took a Psycho Ed evaluation, and my educational psychologist had told me it was equivalent to the SAT's. The Psycho Ed is based upon school curriculum, where it judges you based on the average student placement, and in which you are placed among that. I was tested in reading, writing, comprehension, math, history, science, social studies and memory skills. When i took the Psycho Ed, I had scored in the top 8th percentile. I am still planning on taking the PSAT's in october, and the SAT's and SAT subject tests, but am wondering if anyone knows about the Psycho Ed and its equivalency to the SAT's?</p>

<p>Class rank- Top 10%</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars
- Former Swimmer- youth nationals, top 5 in the country for age group but was forced to retire due to shoulder injury.
- Captain of Debate
- Leader of Environmental club
- Active member of social justice club
- Active member of pro-life club.
- Active member of school choir
-Junior Varsity wrestler, have won many medals.
-Contributor and writer for the School newspaper: The Voice</p>

-Several hours at local SPCA animal shelters
-donated time with school volunteering at the local food banks
-have volunteered many, many hours at the Langley Wildlife Refugee camp</p>

<p>I am also wanting to get into organizing for major events such as school pep ralleys and school conference's in which are open to the city.</p>

<p>For recomendations, my parents have a lot of powerful connections, although im not necessarily astonishingly wealthy, my parents do know quite alot of powerful people. Will this give me an edge over other prospective applicants?
I am also wondering, since I am from Vancouver, do i have a better chance of getting in due to the fact that many universities look for geographic diversity and culture? If you guys could fill me in, that would be great!</p>

<p>I am also considering applying ED because of my seriousness and certainty that Cornell is where I should be. Will this increase my chances?</p>

<p>Class of 2014? You're in my shoes. CHILL. Leave the chancing for later!</p>

<p>Just keep up the good work and chances are you will get in. I m from Canada too but never heard of the Psycho Ed test.</p>

<p>yeah not too many people have, its sorda like a private test done between a student and an educational psychologist</p>

<p>come back towards the end of your junior year.</p>