Class of 2014 housing!

<p>I don't know about you guys, but if I get into UNC EA, I will seriously consider going. Applicants who are accepted EA and decide to attend UNC will sooner or later be asking about housing, so let's start the thread now! </p>

<p>What dorms do you think are the best? Worst? Where do you want to live? Don't want to live? On-campus off-campus? What's the cost? We can talk about any aspect of housing you want! Current UNC students and past students are welcome to comment!</p>

<p>So I am definitely thinking South Campus...Ive heard that it's great for freshman b/c everyone is so social
But I guess the advantage to North Campus is being closer to classes and that sure helps in the mornings!</p>

<p>I am definitely going to UNC if I get in - like, absolutely no question in my mind, ha.</p>

<p>ANYWHO. I'm thinking South Campus, since that's where most freshman are, but I'm also thinking about applying for a Living-Learning Community too...probably Carolina Experience or Service and Leadershipppp.</p>

<p>I'm thinking cobb if my best friend and i get into the honors program (we both got likely letters), but if not i think i will try for a south campus directional dorm because the suites have fewer people and a little more privacy.</p>

<p>heyitslauriebeth- If I get in, I'm also thinking of applying for the service and leadership lving-learning community! </p>

<p>The dorms that appeal the most to me (on south campus) are Koury and Horton.</p>

<p>I dont know why, but i really want to stay in one of the high rises in south campus, in particular Hinton James. Loved the general atmosphere and social setting there from when i visited a friend. Got a likely letter though so i hope i'll get good news at the end of the month. But yea, if i get in, i'm going.</p>

<p>LolyGAGHa - Nice, nice! I'm thinking that Carolina Experience will be first and Service and Leadership second, but I'm really trying to live in one of the Manning buildings.</p>

<p>My mom went to UNC and lived in Parker, and loved it, partly because of its location. I have a couple friends who lived in Hinton James right now and it seems like they enjoy it, but one of them told me she would have much rather lived in one of the other South Campus dorms.</p>

<p>I am just going crazy until decisions though....</p>

<p>if i get in, i would definitely want to live in one of the direction dorms. i think the Carolina Experience is in a directional dorm, but i think that service and leadership is in enringhas.</p>

<p>The housing website says Carolina Experience is in Koury and the Service and Leadership is in Ehringhaus...I don't know much about Ehringhaus, although I think I know one person who lives in there this year. I'm not going to lie, if I get into UNC, I am going to be counting my blessings to even be in Chapel Hill and prob won't be too picky about where I'm living, hah.</p>

<p>My friend's brother lived in ehringhaus his freshmen year, and she said that it was cramped and a little outdated. But, her brother loved it anyways, so i guess you never know.</p>

<p>I've read the information on the housing sight for the Carolina Experience, but I still don't really understand what it consists of. Could anyone here, maybe someone who has lived there even, tell me what Carolina Experience is really about - thanks so much!</p>

<p>its way too early to start this. decision are not even out. patience guys, patience lol</p>

<p>Is there an honors hall or dorm?</p>

<p>Some advice from a current freshman:</p>

<p>South Campus:
+ Vibrant social atmosphere, especially for freshmen
+ Close to the Smith Center and various other athletic competition buildings (great convenience on basketball game nights)
+/- More suites (if you want to live suite style as opposed to hall style)
-- Getting to classes is a huge pain because of distance (walk takes about 25 minutes or so, or you can ride the bus but that varies)</p>

<p>North Campus:
+/- Quiet (this can be good or bad, you decide)
++ MUCH closer to Franklin Street and your classes
+/- More hall style dorms (if you want to live hall style as opposed to suite style)</p>

<p>South Campus Dorms
If you really want a high rise, this are in order from best to worse:
1) Morrison (recently renovated, VERY nice, hard to get into)
2) Hinton James AKA HoJo (ALL rooms have AC, VERY social)
3/4) Craige/Ehringhaus (some rooms do not have AC, less social than HoJo)</p>

<p>Otherwise, a lot of the other dorms on South Campus (Koury, Craige North, Horton, etc) are somewhat nicer than the high rises, but also a bit less social.</p>

<p>I plan on Middle Campus next year (Carmichael, Teague, etc). Right between the Dean Dome and classes, not to mention the dorms are pretty nice. Just thought I'd throw that out there.</p>

<p>Feel free to ask me any questions about housing or UNC in general. :)</p>

<p>MaterMia: Yes, Cobb is specifically for honors students.</p>

<p>I am a current student at UNC-CH and Cobb is not just for Honors Students, but there are several specialty living communities that are honors restrictive. Please speak with someone in the Honors Program Office about specific arrangements, but I know of one program that allows you to be teamed with another honors student for living arrangements but it is not limited to Cobb. If I could offer some recommendations it would be as followed: </p>

<p>1: Apply for North Campus; the walk to class is short and beautiful. Worst case if you don't get a north campus dorm you are no worse off than if you applied elsewhere and who knows you may be one of the lucky freshman like I was to be places up North. </p>

<p>2: If on South Campus, get a Bike. </p>

<p>3: This is not housing related but just another heard learned piece of advice, get the small meal plan first semester (less that 150 meals). #1, the food will get to you and you will want some flexibility in your options. #2 your friends and you will want to try all the new places on Franklin St. and you don't want to feel tied to Lenoir or Rams Head while your friends are experiencing new things. #3 You will find yourself trying to give away meals at the end of the semester otherwise and in this economy its not worth wasting the money.</p>

<p>sirianoftatton: what's your opinion of Koury, Hardin, Craig North, and Horton?</p>

<p>Now, I think we can safely talk about housing!</p>

<p>FINALLY! I had been afraid to even think about it for such a long time!</p>

<p>My top choice is Kennan for the W.E.L.L. program. My other choices are Alexander, Joyner, and winston.</p>

<p>I just want a substance-free dorm. </p>

<p>Do you think those are more or less desirable by the general UNC students?</p>

<p>Any current students have opinions on those I mentioned above?</p>