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<p>Since the good news is already coming in, we have recreated the Big Thread where parents, students, or delighted observers can come and share their good news, and everyone can rejoice. This is also the place to discuss both happy and disappointing news, and to support each other in the best manner of a community like this one. There are already some acceptances and congratulations. Keep 'em coming. </p>

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<p>DD got her letter from Alabama this afternoon. Yeah !!!</p>

<p>Now to keep her motivated to complete the others.</p>

<p>MikeWozowski :</p>

<p>Son got in as an auto admit to Mays Business School. Rank 2/676, SAT 2230</p>

<p>All applications sent, waiting on 4 more decisions.</p>

<p>For those of you with the early (rolling) admissions to Pitt....I know a kid interested for next year and an early Oct admit would be a real boost for this kid. if you're willing.....could you </p>

<p>1) Post GPA and standard test scores (range if you don't want to be exact)</p>

<p>2) PA resident or out of state?</p>

<p>3) Did you submit supplements (essay and recs? any others?)</p>

<p>4) When was application submitted?</p>


<p>for my D:</p>

<p>PA resident. Application (for School of Nursing) submitted at the end of July, but HS transcript not sent until the second week of September. D submitted an essay and had one teacher send a recommendation. GPA of 3.9 uw / 4.1 w, 600 CR / 700 M / 640 W, ACT composite = 29.</p>

<p>We attended one of the open house programs in July, and Pitt waived the application fee since we completed the application while we were there. The app is very easy to complete -- just basic name/address info and lising your senior year courses. It's nice to save the $40.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info mrsref....and congrats to your D!</p>

<p>DS is 3 for 3 so far and waiting on only 2 more decisions. Today, S got the "Congratulations" from his first choice:</p>

<p>McCombs School of Business - University of Texas at Austin. </p>

<p>I believe McComb is ranked #7 by USNWR. </p>


<p>My son, a 2.9 student, was accepted to college today. They didn't even ask for his test scores. Granted its not his first choice school, but here's the thing - we know he's going to college. I wanted to post this to reassure all of you parents with average (truly average, not CC average) students that there is a school out there for your kid! We have spent the last 3 years agonizing - will he get in, is he good enough, etc. I have to say that CC doesn't help, especially when there are so many incredible students posting their stats and college choices.</p>

<p>A relief indeed! Now we just wait to hear from the schools he really likes the most...</p>

<p>I'm so happy for you and your family! I can hear the relief and joy in your post. Congratulations. I hope your son has a wonderful time in college!</p>

<p>Congratulations! It must feel really great to know "at least he's going somewhere!"</p>

<p>What school did he get into? I'm just curious since I am in a similar situation.</p>

<p>That's wonderful! That first acceptance is such a relief, at any GPA.</p>

<p>I keep reminding my daughter: "B students go to college too. So do some C students. And once they're in the working world, you might be surprised how difficult it is to tell them apart from the A students."</p>

<p>I remember having a (very well-justified) crying jag when one of my kids was in middle school, thinking he would never be able to graduate from high school. He is attending a great college now and is doing fine. Thank you for this post. Those of you who have "non-CC type" kids: have faith... they tend to find their way. OP: CONGRATULATIONS!</p>

<p>Excellent. Congratulations.</p>

<p>Congrats..I have one of those kids. There were many times in h.s. that I thought college was not in the cards for him. He's a soph. at a regional state u. now, finally seems to be getting the hang of it. Best of luck to your S.</p>

<p>Congrats to you and yours!</p>

<p>Thanks everyone for your positive thoughts - he's very relieved and happy and, I have to say, proud of himself - it was really a struggle at times (he has ADHD and was overmedicated for a long time). He was accepted at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff - a beautiful place and a good school. For those of you still waiting - have faith! It will happen!!!!</p>

<p>Congrats, and thanks for the message from the Real World! </p>

<p>I remember when S'07 got his first acceptance, it was from his safety but it was truly a relief to know he had a place to g.</p>

<p>nice school knew a lot of people who went there. Congrats.</p>