Class of 2014 - who chose Mason OOS

<p>The decision has been made. S will attend Mason in the fall. I was wondering if anyone else OOS will be going to Mason as well. He feels Mason will give him advantages with internships and jobs that other schools he got into can't compete with. The campus has been growing by leaps and bounds and US News named Mason as the #1 school to watch. Hopefully it's worth the OOS tuition.</p>

<p>Lucky you! No decision here for my OOS student, we're hoping to hear about money, and still waiting to hear from two other schools. We'll tour in April before making a final decision.</p>

<p>I'm out-of-state and I'm officially going! I'm from North Carolina. GMU gave me a really great scholarship and they have a banging speech team and I'll be competing for them. So pumped! :):)</p>

<p>My daughter is OOS from Maryland. Going to Mason this fall.</p>

<p>oos decision made, going to Mason. Honors college, honors housing.</p>

<p>also a OOS from maryland, took advantage of all the scholarships, etc. They are pumping a ton of money into the university and its definitely growing very fast.</p>