Class of 2014

<p>I'm an international applicant and I just got taken off the waitlist. So I'll be attending TU this fall :)
Boy am I excited. So who else is going?</p>

<p>I will most certainly be attending Trinity University. I am so glad you were taken off the waitlist. Trinity is truly a hidden gem of a school and there are unparalelled opportunities in this small campus.</p>

<p>You are so very fortunate. :)
I don't know anything yet. They haven't emailed me yet.
Where are you from, pixie?</p>

and sorry about what happened. Didn't you get into any other colleges?
And I'm from Bangladesh! :)</p>

<p>Trinity is a great school. However, my son decided not to apply because of the rule that he would need to live on campus for 3 years. </p>

<p>It is truly a shame for him and the school.</p>

<p>That's too bad. He could have gone abroad junior year and lived off campus senior year.
Also, this year juniors could petition to live off campus.</p>

<p>Well he still has the option of going abroad, just with a different school.</p>