Class of 2015 News

<p>Acceptances, rejections, still in the running…</p>

<p>I got a very kind letter saying that I was rejected this Saturday, which was two weeks after my audition date at Unifieds.</p>

<p>Anyone else?</p>

<p>My son was told he was rejected for MT but he was accepted for the BA Music and asked to come back to audition for the Bachelor of music in Vocal Performance which he will do in April!</p>

<p>I believe Otterbein will make final decisions after their last audition, which is not until March 5. Kiddo auditioned at Otterbein’s December audition, and received a letter stating she is still in consideration. Truly hope to hear positive news in mid-March…it seems like such an excellent program.</p>

<p>I readin a thread from last year, that DrJohn mentioned that it took at least 10 days after the final audition to get responses out, which would make it exactly what Mommafrog suggested above. I think it also mentioned that decisions would for sure be out by April 1.</p>

<p>My daughter received the same letter notifying her she was still in the pool of applicants to be considered after the final audition, after auditioning at Chicago Unifieds. I agree that it sounds like a GREAT program!</p>

<p>I auditioned yesterday (It was an amazing experience, the school def moved up on my list)
They said that they will let you know ASAP if you’re automatically rejected but they cant let you know if you’re being considered for acceptance because they still have one more audition. If you havent heard anything by next week, you’re still being considered and have a very good chance of acceptance.
Good luck to all of you and your children :)</p>

<p>I thought I heard Teri Devlin say they would contact you regardless of the audition results. That you would be advised as whether you were being considered or whether they were cutting you from the consideration. Can anyone add some clarification? Also, I heard that you would receive a letter one week after the audition. Again, any clarification?</p>

<p>Hey there,</p>

<p>In my experience: I auditioned at L.A. Unifieds and I just received a letter that I’m still being considered on Wednesday. It also stated to contact Terri Devlin is I was still interested in the program and wanting to be considered. I contacted Terri that I would like to be considered. I was notified I should hear a final answer the week of March 21st.</p>

<p>Thank you for the thoughtful response. The mailman just brought some great news! Still in consideration. YaYa!</p>

<p>I auditioned two weeks ago, and still haven’t received any news. Is anyone else in the same boat?</p>

My son also auditioned 2 weeks ago and he has not received anything, either! I was expecting a letter as Dr. John stated above. But right now during these crazy weeks, no news is always good news!</p>

<p>Phone calls were made today. I got a phone call I was accepted</p>

<p>Dear Dr. John,</p>

<p>Have ALL the phone calls been made? Thank you for your consideration.</p>