Class of 2016 Regular Decision Notification Dates

<p>Hi Tizil</p>

<p>Thank you for the link. Made it easy for me too.</p>

<p>Updates: Grinnel</p>


<p>Amherst: Released via Mail March 27th, emails sent
American: April 1st
Bard: Decisions mailed March 26th (internationals emailed same date)
Bates: mailed March 26th, arrived in NJ on 28th--did not send email
Barnard:Mailed March 24th (is this date correct?)
Boston College: Decisions Mailed March 25th
Boston University: Decisions released online March 25th or 26th
Bowdoin College: Mailed March 27th, If you don't receive decision by April 2nd, call the Admissions Office
Brandeis University: Decisions Mailed 3/20
Brown: March 29th 5 PM EST online
Bryn Mawr: March 21st online (4 PM EST)
Bucknell: Decisions will be mailed March March 22, online March 23rd
Caltech: mailed March 6th
Carleton College: Mailed March 21
Carnegie Mellon: Posted online March 23 (at night) Mailed March 24th (first mailing- mailing done in waves)
Case Western: Online March 28th
University of Chicago: Released 3/19. Check online at
Claremont McKenna: online here March 26th @ 5PM Pacific Daylight Time (8PM Eastern Daylight Time), mailed by April 1
Colby: mailed March 26th, online March 28th
Colgate: decisions mailed no later than Wednesday, March 26th
Colorado College: "Late March"
Columbia: Monday March 29th after 5pm ET (online)
Cooper Union: Mailed before 3/31
Connecticut College: Mailed March 27th
Cornell: March 29th after 5pm ET (online)
Dartmouth: On 3/29th at 5PM EDT or later ONLINE (here). Dartmouth will email when your decision is available, but not what it is (you have to log in for that).
Davidson: March 27th
Duke: Released March 30th (online)
Elon: March 15th
Emory: April 1st, decisions online at 7PM
Florida State University: April 2nd
Franklin and Marshall: Online March 25th
Furman: March 15th
Georgetown: Decisions sent by mail on March 27th
George Washington: Snail mailed March 26th, online at 5PM same day
Grinnell: 24th March
Hamilton: Decisions will be physically mailed Friday March 28th, and they were released online after 5PM EST on Saturday March 29th.
Hampshire: April 1st
Harvard: March 29th after 5pm ET (email)
Harvey Mudd: Letters Mailed March 27th
Haverford: Decision mailed March 24th
Holy Cross: Decisions mailed on March 27th.
Johns Hopkins: April 1st (email)
Kenyon: decision mailed March 21st
Lafayette: Decisions mailed March 26th.
Lehigh: Sent by postal mail on March 22nd
Macalester: March 30th (Friend already got acceptance on 21st)
Middlebury: March 28th mailed, March 29th online
MIT: March 15th at noon EST
Mount Holyoke:available online on March 21st
Muhlenberg: Mailed ca. March 14 or 15
Northeastern: e-mailed March 19th/20th
Northwestern: Released March 25th at 8PM (online)
Notre Dame: Mailed March 27th
NYU: Mailed March 24th
Oberlin: Mailed March 26th
Occidental: March 25th mailed
Olin: Decisions mailed March 21st (UPS overnight for acceptees), available online March 24th at 10pm EST
Pepperdine: April 1st
Pomona: Mailed March 28th
Princeton: March 29th at 5PM EDT (online)
Reed: Decisions emailed 3-27, Snailmailed 3/28
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: March 10
Rice: Released March 25th at 5PM Eastern Daylight Time via online site & email
Sarah Lawrence: Mailed April 1st
St. Lawrence: Mailed March 21st
Scripps: Mailed March 25th, available over the phone since March 26th
Skidmore: March 27th mailed
Smith: March 21st online at 4-5 PM EST
Stanford: April 1 (possibly 3/30 because they have traditionally been released the Friday before April)
Swarthmore: Mailed March 27th, Internationals were emailed starting March 28th
Syracuse: March 15th
Trinity (CT): Mailed before April 1st
Tufts: Online Decisions available on March 31st via TAMS
Tulane: March 2nd by mail
UCB: March 27th online at 4PM
UCI: online March 1st
UCLA: March 20th
UCSB: Released March 17th
UCSC:Released March 15th
UCSD: Released March 15th
UGA: April 1st
UMass: Mid-March through April
UMiami: March 15th- March 22nd
UMichigan: Mid April
Union College (NY): Decisions mailed March 19th for presidential scholars, non-presidential scholar decisions mailed March 24th. ( February 1st for ED 2 applicants )
University of Texas at Austin: April 1st (Some decisions out)
UNC: March 20th
UPenn: March 29th (online)
URichmond: Letters Mailed March 22nd
USC: Letters Mailed March 28th
UT Austin: Late February early March.
UWisconsin: Rolling, up to March 15th; after March 15th for deferred students
UVA: March 28th, 6:00 pm EST (online, email and letter sent out at same time)
Vanderbilt: Mailed March 28th
Vassar: Mailed March 27th, internationals emailed starting March 28th
Villanova: Decisions were posted online March 20
Virginia Commonwealth University: April 1st
Wake Forest: April 1st
Washington University in St. Louis: March 13th (late afternoon, online)
Wellesley: March 26th mailed
Wesleyan: Decisions mailed March 27th
Wheaton MA: Online March 25th
Whitman: April 1st
William & Mary: In-State decisions mailed March 19; Out-of-State decisions mailed March 31
Williams: Decisions began mailing on March 25th, batches of mailing (over several days) may be occurring, internationals emailed starting April 1st
Wittenberg: April 1stApril 1st
Wooster: April 1st
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI): March 12nd
Yale: March 29th (online)</p>

<p>so finally MIT decision time has been posted on the website.</p>

<h1>march 14 2012 6:46pm ET (ie EDT)</h1>

<p>march 15 2012 4:14am IST</p>

<p>Is UCLA for sure releasing their decisions on March 20th, or is this just an estimate?</p>


<p>Shouldnt it be 5:16? </p>


<p>MIT is 3/14 6:28 PM ET (according to an email I got from admissions).</p>

<p>@HCaufield: from 11th March daylight saving time will set in in USA..
so basically if the time (like EST) is 2:00 pm ....their clocks will show them 3:00 pm i.e. the EDT. So the difference will reduce to 9.5 hrs... :) and this will be restored on the 4th November.</p>

<p>@NovemPrime : yeah man.. even the mail I got says 6:28 pm ET that'll be like 4:00 am on 15th ..! :)</p>

<p>Yes Schedar is right.
Sorry for the little confusion here. I made a mistake of using 6:46 instead of 6:28. Sorry</p>

<p>Caltech results are out ....waitlisted</p>

<p>It's better than a rejection, so congrats Schedar. </p>

<p>Did anyone get an email from UCLA engineering today about an open house invitation or something?</p>

<p>Yes, I got an email from UCLA, It looks like a "Likely letter".</p>

<p>@schedar, I too got waitlisted from Caltech.</p>

<p>Mee too! waitlisted at caltech.</p>

<p>UChicago will be releasing decisions on March. 23rd .....</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>did ANYONE get in at Caltech?</p>

<p>One of my friends from RKP.</p>

<p>^^ What were his/her stats like? (Just wondering :O)</p>

<p>Batch topper from 6th grade.
High Level Appointment in Student Body (can't say which level - compromises identity)
2360 SAT
800 800 800 PC(MIIC)
Nothing special in extracurriculars.</p>

<p>My friend is a topper with a 2390 and 800s in the subject tests. Rejected though.</p>

<p>Aren't toppers relative with the competitiveness of the schools?
I'm talking about
9th- 97%
10th - 10 CGPA
11th - 94%
12th preboards - 92%</p>

<p>:eek:Wish I had that SAT I score.......Hope my ECs save me :)</p>