Class of 2017, are you taking the old or new SAT?

I’d really want to avoid taking the SAT since I’ve been preparing for the old SAT and the new PSAT for National Merit. I hear people are taking the old SAT (available until January) and then never looking back but I also have people getting materials ready to study for the new version. I myself was going to do the former because I’m more comfortable with the old version and aside from the new PSAT, I won’t have to worry about the new version that way. Since colleges will accept both, do you think they will judge people on which version they take? What are your guys’ game plan?

Sorry, I meant I’d want to avoid taking the new SAT, not skipping it altogether! :-?

I’m pretty sure they can’t judge people based on the version they take! My D never spend any time studying the old. So she is studying the new for the PSAT. If she makes NMSF she will continue with the new otherwise she will switch to studying for the ACT.

I personally will do the old SAT and will work hard for it. If I do not get the grade I want (hopefully not), then I’d do the new SAT.

That’s what I was going to but I wasn’t sure what others would do the same. I read somewhere that it was suggested that people who want to do this but didn’t get the grade they wanted should do the ACT but I personally feel like that’s just another variable I don’t want to add into the mix, especially with my course load this year

For anyone else who has doubts:

The prepscholar blog completely ignores the PSAT/NMSQT. I would think it would have been mentioned in the exceptions.

Of course you should take the old sat! I’m going to be class of 2018 and I’m also taking the old sat.

Take the old once or twice and the new one once or twice. I’m class of 2017 too and I’m taking both I would strongly suggest that too lol :slight_smile:

Taking both sounds like a good plan to me now! People were giving me such mixed answers IRL

The old lovers will be hopeless trying to run away from taking the new SAT in the state-mandated regions.

I’m currently studying for and focusing just on the old SAT. My plan is to just do good on the old one so that I don’t have to take (or worry about) the new one. I’ve never ever considered taking the new one.

I just realized I may have put all my eggs in one basket … :frowning:

Studying for the old and new SAT plus the ACT while maintaining a high GPA in AP/IB courses and participating in multiple ECs sounds like a lot!

State mandated? Can someone elaborate? I was told colleges would look at both old and new scores, for the Class of 2017 at least

@SATurdays I think by state mandated they mean that in certain states, students will have to take the new SAT no matter what. They also can pay to take the old SAT or the ACT if they want to, but they can’t avoid the new SAT. I’m not positive if that’s what was meant by state mandated.

Does anyone have a confirmed list of states? Ugh, I’d hate to go through all of the work of studying for the old SAT only to have my scores not matter

I am taking the old SAT this October, and hoping for a good enough score so that I dont have to take it again. If I do not get the score I want, I will probably take it in January again. I will also take the ACT in spring either once or twice.

Not a bad idea either, are you not bothering with the New SAT at all?