Class of 2017

<p>Hello! So I have officially chosen Hendrix! I was just curious who else has decided, and where we are all coming from!</p>

<p>I'm from the suburbs surrounding Chicago!</p>

<p>trackk…great choice!!!</p>

<p>Hi trackkk! I haven’t decided yet, but Hendrix is among the final few I’m considering. It’s a fabulous school. I live near Hendrix and I’ve spent a lot of time there and have lots of friends there. It’s a great community and a great education. Congratulations!</p>

<p>Congratulations! My son (also from the midwest) is a current Hendrix freshman and couldn’t be happier. Excellent academics, involved professors, smart kids, fun campus life, beautiful weather, great food (biscuits and gravy for breakfast EVERY DAY:)), ample opportunities for outdoor recreation…all of it has added up to a fantastic choice.</p>

<p>Daughter has decided on Hendrix. Now we are wondering what dorm would be best for her. Does anyone have current info on freshmen dorms and what they are like? Also, I have read some post from the past about some dorms being more for partiers. She doesn’t drink, but that make me wonder if alcohol is allowed on campus? Plus, are the RA’s tolerate of alcohol and drugs.</p>