Class of 2018 - Advice?

<p>Hello! I have never visited Hollins, but I was recently accepted, and my experience with the admissions office has been above and beyond pleasant. They're perfectly lovely people! In fact, Hollins seems like a great fit for me.
I simply CANNOT get over the fact that it's an all girls college. I feel like I'll be missing out on a huge part of the college social life. Are there any thoughts on this?
Also, anything else I should know/anything else anyone wishes to discuss?
Thanks, and as always, best wishes <3</p>

<p>Hi. My daughter is a first year student at Hollins. This was the only all girls college she applied to,
and she wasn't really thrilled with the idea of being at an all girls school. But, she very quickly decided it was the perfect place, she absolutely loves it there. Visiting definitely helped. </p>

<p>She says it is really nice having classes with all women, without all the stereotypes of boys being better at "xyz". The classes are very challenging though, they expect a lot out of the students.</p>

<p>As far as socializing goes, Roanoke isn't a huge city. But, there are things to do, and there is regular shuttle service to various areas of the town. And Virginia Tech and Roanoke College are both close by. On campus, there are a ton of clubs and activities, including an outdoor program that does things like white water canoe trips. Plus they have a lot of cool traditions like Tinker Day, where the school president declares that classes are cancelled for the day and the entire school (staff included) hikes up Tinker Mountain dressed in costumes and everyone puts on silly skits.</p>

<p>Hi, I’m a Hollins alumna. Because of the extensive interaction with the many, many, many other colleges, I just want to assure you that your coed social life need not suffer - and your education and experience will be FANTASTIC. Senior year my dad called to say he’d paid tuition to Hollins but should be pay my room and board to a certain all-male college where I, ya know, spent a lot of time. He was kidding…sort of :slight_smile: Today I have wonderful men friends from other colleges (Hampden-Sydney and VMI in particular), a very successful career, and college sisters I truly could not live without - all thanks to Hollins. Best wishes and hope you enroll!!!</p>