Class of 2018 ED2 and RD

<p>Hey everyone.
I don't think anyone's made a thread yet for Smith RD or ED2, so I thought I'd make one. Who else applied to Smith? I applied ed2.</p>

<p>I applied RD.</p>

<p>I applied RD and can’t wait for the decisions to come out. I hope we all get in. Good luck ladies!!</p>

<p>I’m applying RD. Trying to figure out what the hell to write about for a meaningful gift…</p>

<p>I applied ED2. Any news from Smith? I heard the results are out on the 23rd of THIS month! </p>

<p>Aslytheringirl, for me the hardest part was trying to limit my gift story and significance explanation to 150 words!!! :frowning: Every time I read the essay now, it seems a bit rushed :(</p>

<p>BTW guys did anyone submit a resume? And how does it affect your app?</p>

<p>I’m applying! I loved writing the gift essay, but it was so hard for me to decide what was the most valuable. There are so many ways to see it. I ended up writing about something that wasn’t a “gift” in a strict sense but the gift of being able to see current events through a different lens. It was really related to my interests, so I hope they will like it! </p>

<p>Does anyone know when the RD decisions come out? I feel like I can’t wait any longer! I went to a local alumnae club reception and I fell in love with Smith all over again. :)</p>

<p>Yepp they said they will start sending them out by the third week of March. Best of luck! :D</p>

<p>Wow, third week of March? That’s great, that means I hear back from all my top choices by then. (I have this group of schools that, collectively, are my #1 choice.) </p>

<p>I didn’t personally send a resume. I felt like the things I said in my interview as well as the stuff I listed on the Common App really cut it. </p>

<p>Yeah, for my “gift” essay, I used a slightly different definition of gift. I wrote about my dentist giving me the teeth I had to pull out to get braces. </p>

<p>What majors did everyone select? I applied as a neuroscience major. :)</p>

<p>I applied ED2 too!! Good luck everyone! :D</p>

<p>Has anyone confirmed when the ED2 decisions will be out? <em>nervously gnaws at fingernails</em></p>

<p>Last year ED 2 decisions came out on January 24. I don’t know about this year, though. You can always send a quick note to admissions if you’re curious. Good luck!!</p>

<p>I emailed them a while ago, and they said that they send out letters on the 17th (this friday). I’m not sure if it means they post it online then too, or if we have to wait to find out by mail.</p>

<p>I thought we would receive the results by 1st Feb or something. </p>

<p>I was on one of those online chats with current smith students and counselors. And one of the admission committee member over there told me the result will be out on the 23rd January.</p>

<p>Now you’re saying its the 17th! Im dyyyyinggggg! :S</p>

<p>BTW has anyone heard anything from Smith? They sent me and my counselor an email a couple of days ago asking for my predicted result for A levels… Other people from my school who applied received no such requests. :S :S Am I over-thinking everything?</p>

<p>Oh oh listen, did anyone on here apply for financial aid?</p>

<p>Well, last year they also said the same thing (about them sending out results on the 18th, I think), and they ended up releasing them on the 24th. In retrospect I wasted quite a lot of time refreshing Bannerweb. </p>

<p>I suggest you check Bannerweb twice on the 17th, once at 4pm and then again at 6pm (est), if your decision’s not there, it’s not going to be there until the 23rd.</p>

<p>You guys! We (might) find out tomorrow! I’m so nervous…</p>

<p>And @Apetrichor, I applied for financial aid</p>

<p>Has anyone received a request from smith asking for a parent’s recommendation?</p>

<p>Possibly less than 12 hours to go! :O</p>

<p>Yeah, I got the request for parent’s recommendation a while ago. </p>

<p>For those who applied ED2, I hope you get in! :)</p>

<p>I heard somewhere (Im not sure if this is authentic or not) that all smith applicants get a request for a parent recommendation before results. I didn’t get any, though. Thats why I was asking :S Im feeling more and more under-confident as the time passes :(</p>

<p>best of luck to you too quidditchcat :)</p>

<p>I don’t think I got one either… I’m so nervous now; I’m going to be really sad if I don’t get in</p>

<p>Apetrichor and ccer101, are you guys international? I don’t think they send them to international parents, or at least my own parents never received it. It makes sense if I think about it, many international parents won’t speak English, and international mail is either slow or expensive.</p>