Class of 2019 Undergrad acceptance into Stonybrook before Priority deadline? How is this possible?

My friend claims she got accepted into Stonybrook University, which I think is impossible because the priority deadline is Jan 15 and the deadline hasn’t even passed yet. How is it possible they already received “acceptance letters”. As far as I know, Stony is not a rolling admissions school and they start review applications after Jan 15. (not sure if the latter part is true)

Is she lying or did I miss out on the “first come first serve” admissions? :frowning:

Well as a spring transfer, my deadline was Nov 1 but I applied early in August and got accepted in October. It might work for freshmen as well

No “first come first served,” but we did release a small batch of decisions last week. We typically start reviewing around the holidays. But don’t worry, everyone who’s applied by yesterday gets the same review process. Hang in there!


One more question, Chris. I am stressing out because my son applied just prior to the 1/15 priority deadline. We received a letter in the mail from SB detailing how to set up his account and when we checked this morning, his application is not complete (missing his HS transcript). Will he still be considered for merit scholarship money even if all of his application materials were not received by the 15th?

Thanks in advance for your reply!