*Class of 2019* Your college list?

<p>Hey Class of 2019! It's DEFINITELY not too early to think about colleges yet. Here's my choices:</p>


<p>And that's all I plan on applying to. I have a 100 in physical education (it's our school's version of gym), a 100 in reading, a 99 in math (eff-star-star-star-ing long division), a 100 in writing, and a 100 in social studies.</p>

<p>But with the 99 in math, will I still get into any of the HYPSM? :'( I shed about a thousand tears when I saw that blemish on my transcript. Will I even get into my local community college with stats like these? D:</p>

<p>Anyway, what are your dreams for the year 2019?</p>

<p>... I hope you're a troll.</p>

<p>Lol, you actually believe we'll be alive past 2012. You've got to be a troll.</p>

<p>WIFI in the womb</p>


<p>10 charrr</p>

<p>yeah since we're turning 10 next year it's time we thought about college. i wonder if playing soccer or baseball would look good to colleges? well my dad talks a lot about me being a doctor so i want to be a doctor. or a lawyer
so i want to go to</p>


<p>I will apply to every Ivy league/ top 20 school because i want to get into good college.</p>

<p>okay well its almost time for bed, mom says i have to be in bed by 8:30 or no power rangers tommorow. bye</p>

<p>Hey. Guys. I'm entering 4th grade next year and I'm hoping to get some advice on my schedule.</p>

<p>SATs: 2400.</p>

<p>APs: I completed every AP in 2nd grade with all 5s. Except I got a 4 in Human Geography. :(:(;(:(:(:(:(:(</p>

<p>SAT IIs: I completed every SAT II with all 800s in 2nd grade also.</p>

<p>Cumulative GPA (1st-3rd grade): 4.0</p>

<p>Complex Analysis
Differential Topology
Arabic VI
Latin Virgil III
Advanced Physical Chemistry
Thermodynamics and Fluid mechanics with partial differential equations.
Human Physiology Lab
Literary analysis of 18th century works by Middle Eastern philosophers.</p>

Science research at MIT
Philosophy research at Harvard
Founded non-profit that raises 120 million dollars every year for AIDs research.</p>

Lacrosse U9 National Champion</p>

<p>Fencing Mens Foil, Cadet World Champion, 2 time, Cadet National Champion, 2 time, Junior Olympic Champion 2 time, Junior World Champion 1 time.</p>

<p>World record in 50m track. State and national champion.</p>

<p>Schools I'm looking at:
University of Wyoming
Concordia University
University of Arizona
Santa Clara University
Metro State University</p>

<p>I'm hoping to become a middle school english teacher.</p>

<p>^all high reaches</p>

<p>Hopefully I can use the next 8 years to improve my app.</p>

<p>^Nah you'll be wasting your time. You'll never make it as a middle school english teacher.</p>

<p>try to study SAT for the next 8 years and start 5 clubs when you get to high school</p>

<p>Gosh darn it, I am jealous of you all, my parents are making me go special admit. I screwed up as line leader last year so there's no way I can get a good teacher rec. I'll ask the lunch lady?</p>

<p>This brings up a serious question.</p>

<p>...How long before Middle-schoolers have Ivy-league qualifications by default?</p>

<p>yeah i think being a lunch helper (helping serve lunch) looks good on apps</p>

...How long before Middle-schoolers have Ivy-league qualifications by default?


<p>If you're being serious, never, because
A) people that smart skip grades into high school (this Asian kid who was only like twelve was a freshman at my HS once), where a certain number of classes must be taken for a certain length of time for a certain amount of credits anyway
B) If enough people become 'that smart', test curves will be arranged/tests will be revamped, and colleges, especially Ivies, will get even more competitive.</p>

<p>Today's kids are smarter (or at least more competitive) than kids in the 1980s, which are way smarter than back when college wasn't mainstream at all.</p>

<p>I kind of hope I'm wrong.</p>

<p>Lmao Futurexecutive just made my night</p>

<p>I guess it's never too early to start thinking about colleges these days, but I wouldn't go overboard! LOL.</p>

<p>So much win...</p>

Today's kids are smarter (or at least more competitive) than kids in the 1980s, which are way smarter than back when college wasn't mainstream at all.


<p>Eh, I don't think today's kids are smarter - they simply have more resources at their disposal.</p>

<p>1st poster:
You forgot to mention your grade in lego time. MIT takes creativity seriously you know.</p>