Class of 2020 Discussion

About time we start one given that ED results should be rolling out in the next upcoming week.

Hey International student here.
Got my acceptance today and sooo excited!
acceptance rate for Internationals was 39% this year.

@TheMusty1234 How do you know what the acceptance rates are? Son is not international, but his acceptance letter only mentioned that over 5,000 had applied. Not anything about acceptance rates.

@Momof3kidsau It was on my acceptance letter. Mine also said over 5000 people applied and then said in admission was very competitive with a 39% acceptance rate this year.

@TheMusty1234 Wow! Thanks. Son only got the 5000 people applied part.

got my acceptance too! but on it, it said out of 5000, only 550 got in. i dont get it, because it has a 60% acceptance rate.

@ikim16 - The 550 is not the number accepted it is the number of spots in the class. Last year around 4300 applied 2800 where accepted about a 56% acceptance rate, and of those 537 actually enrolled. Rose-Hulman calculates a yield rate, which is what percent will accept out of those admitted. I believe it is around 20% or so.

@ikim16 39% was for internationals. Overall must be 60%.

Hey random question, at Rose can you choose your professors? If so, does anyone know or have the link to the list of faculty members?

why on earth does rose has such a high acceptance rate and low af yield rate as #1 ranked engineering college? comparing to HMC Olin Cooper etc.

^^Location probably is the difference. All the others are close to major metropolitan areas.

I believe the rankings you are referring to are based on reputation among engineers. Olin is a very small, very young school. Rose has been around a very long time. Therefore the name will be more well know. In any case, those rankings should be taken with a grain of salt. And of course there have certainly been efforts to game rankings (and I’m not saying Rose has done that). In any case, having looked carefully at both Rose and Olin (including visiting both schools) IMHO Olin is in a whole different (and better) league than Rose. Don’t get me wrong, Rose Hulman was not a bad place. It’s just not Olin. YMMV. (Don’t get me started on Cooper Union, suffice to say that you can color me unimpressed).

Its funny how much personal preference, fit, and gut feeling has to do with college rankings. Like @HeloDada I also visited both Olin and Rose Hulman. While I found Olin to be nice, and I really enjoyed their philosophy to education, I found that Rose had a much nicer environment and that they were already doing what Olin was trying to do. That just shows you how great every school is, it doesn’t really matter which one you attend.