Class of 2020 National Merit Discussion

I’m starting a thread here so we don’t clog up the parents of the class of 2020 with NM stuff.

DS20 is still waiting for his PSAT scores, I’ve been stalking Naviance hourly;-) He took the Oct 10th PSAT test and SAT on Oct 5th. SAT was 780 EBRW and 750 Math, we live in TX and the historic cut off has been 221 so I think he has a good shot.

DD has a 36 on her ACT so I am hoping PSAT is similar, especially since she can submit ACT now and not have to take the SAT!

Just waiting on the results. Hoping that the Texas SI does not go up and DD20 did well as she believed. Glad she took it on the 10th not the 24th!

D got her PSAT today via Naviance. If the cutoff remains the same, looks like she will be National Merit Commended.

Thanks for starting the thread @3scoutsmom. I’m anxiously awaiting DS’s scores. Fortunately, he took the test October 10th. Our state cutoff last year was 223, so assuming it stays the same and given that he misses 0 or 1 in Math, any one of these combinations should do the trick: -1 Reading and -4 in Writing; -2 in Reading and -2 in Writing; -3 in Reading and -3 in Writing; and -4 in Reading and -1 in Writing.

On his recent SAT he had -3 Reading,-2 Writing and -1 Math.

Good luck to everyone waiting for scores!!

Daughter’s scores were posted on Naviance. Her SSI is a few points above our historical state cut off so hopefully this means she will be a semi-finalist. Her score dropped 40 points from her sophomore attempt, but still above the cut off.

Got DS20’s PSAT scores, he has an SI of 221 the exact historic cut off for TX (same score as his brother 2 years ago) now I get to wait nine months to see if the cut off changes…

@3scoutsmom Congratulations on your sons great score. Fingers crossed that the cutoff stays the same or drops a point!
Congrats to your daughter too @KKreis!

Congrats on the great scores! We are anxiously awaiting DD’s scores. She has the ACT and SAT so we are hoping the PSAT matches. Her sister was a finalist a few years ago and she hopes to make the cut too.

What time will scores be released?

Well, my son just took a look through a VPN (EarlyScores) in which he could only see his total score early (1430) and he will miss out on the NMSF party as no combination could get him to the 220 SI he would probably need. Congratulations to all of the students and parents and good luck to those who haven’t seen there scores yet.

My dd got her scores and she was well above our state cutoff. I’m ignorant on what is next - she took the SAT in August and scored 1530. Will that be good enough for a qualifying score?

I was able to get my twins scores. 1500/225 and 1440/213. Really hoping the 213 will squeak by as commended. Any thoughts? And will we really not know unti September?

@ebh87 since she’s alreat taken the SAT (1530 is good enough) there’s nothing to do until she’s officially named NMSF and then there will be a very easy on line application an short essay. They will also look at all grades 9th grade to current and make sure there is no behavioral issues. As for grades, it varies from state to state an year to year but so long as she has no semester C’s she’s likely good.

Now is the time to start looking at any school that historically give large awards to NMF. Personally I’d make sure my kid applied to one or two of these schools just to make sure there is a financial safety ready and waiting.

@carmartwinmom yup we really won’t know anything more until Sept. The best source of info in past years has been Art’s blog on Compass Prep. He thinks the cut of for commended will be 212- 213 so 213 should be fine.

DD20 got her scores and is one point above last year’s state cutoff. We will happily ride the bubble until next September! Just so pleased for her since this is a goal she set for herself and she has a shot!! It may not change where she ultimately goes to college but it is nice to have more affordable options to choose from. Good luck to all still waiting for scores. ?

@ebh87 @carmartwinmom You’re in for a marathon, not a sprint. Lots of waiting-waiting-waiting. The school should receive a letter with all students’ names who score at or above the Commended level in the spring - but don’t expect they’ll share that knowledge with you. It is a long process, but worthwhile if your kid is interested in one of the schools who provides a large benefit to NMFs. Good luck to all!

So will we at least know the commended cutoff in the Spring? I’m thinking some schools will release the info and then someone may post that info here?

DS checked his score and texted me. He did well and is several points above our previous years’ cutoff. His school generally has high # of NMSF but unfortunately our state flagship doesn’t offer much for it.

I saw my DD’s score this morning. She got 222, and Texas’ cutoff last year was 221. Hoping it doesn’t change to 223 :slight_smile: Does anyone know when you find out State cutoff?