class of 2020 scholarships

We loved this school, but were a little disappointed in the 14,000 academic scholarship for my daughter. 33 ACT 4.2 weighted GPA. Any other potential Bulldogs get better offers?
Does anyone have information on departmental scholarships from previous years such as award amounts, stats, and if any interview is required. Thanks!

My S received a departmental scholarship of $2000 from a business scholars day with an interview. I think the most he could have gotten was $5000. I’m not sure what other departments offer.

Thanks ~ Did that occur in the spring?

I received a $17,000 scholarship from Butler. My ACT is a 30 with a 4.2 GPA. What I’ve learned from some of my older friends who now go to Butler is that they give more scholarship money to students who show extreme interest in Butler and not as much based on the academics as other schools. I visited Butler three times between my junior year and now.

Yes the invite was in the spring - early March I think. Even though butler wasn’t as generous as other schools we allowed him to go. It’s only been one semester , but so far he is really liking it and his professors sound like they know their students , so I think for him we made the right decision . It did help us to rationalize the money in that with the merit money he received Butler was still cheaper than our state flagship. If we lived in a state with a reasonable state tuition it might have been a different decision .

I received the $17,000 scholarship as well. My ACT is a 34, and my GPA is a 3.89 UW, 4.37 W. I was invited to the scholars day on December 18th (I was notified by email). On the email it says

“At Scholars’ Forum, you’ll interview for competitive scholarships, which are in addition to any scholarships you may have already received. You’ll also have the opportunity to spend time with Butler faculty, staff, and current students. We hope you’ll be able to join us!”

So, yes to interview!
I’m not sure about award amounts as of now, but on the email it also says that an official invitation will be arriving soon via mail so hopefully that will have more information.

Good luck to you and your daughter!

@summertimesr Good luck on your interview!

Thanks for the info and good luck @summertimesr !

@tylerm326 @topmom3girls Thanks guys!!

Got accepted today! I only got a 12,000 per year scholarship though. I am not going to attend if that is it. I applied RD though. Still need to file my fafsa so lets see how much I actually get.

Anybody hear back yet on their Scholars Forum interviews? My son and I are anxiously checking the mail each day to see if he is offered additional scholarship money. His Scholar’s Forum was January 30th

S’s letter came snail mail on 3/1

My D’s letter came last week (CA.) Thankfully, they offered a generous scholarship-not the top award, but generous.

My S’s letter came on 3/1. Morton-Finney Leadership Program. Not the top award for that, but generous.

Now we wait on the financial aid notification in a few weeks. Hoping for another 10K.

anybody get financial aid notification yet? My S and I are very anxious. Butler is his top choice, but nervous it won’t be feasible financially.

It should be able to be found on your BU account

Thank you. We received it but were highly disappointed. Even with all loans offered, we are left with more than double our EFC to pay out of pocket. At this point in time, he won’t be able to attend. He is crushed.