Class of 2020

Thought I start this discussion fhread now that decisions are being sent out!

I got accepted but still waiting on merit aid info

ACT: 27
GPA: 3.6
Rank: Top 15%
5 AP Classes and 2 college courses
Tons of extracurriculars
Editor of yearbook
Top 10 in state for swimming
Great letters of recommendation
Other schools applied to: Fordham, Boston University, Syracuse, Marist, University of San Fransisco

D still waiting to hear. 1830 SAT, 4.3 weighted GPA/3.8 UW. OOS. Not her top choice, but in the running. Manhattan tweeted about acceptance letters being the best Christmas presents a few days ago, so hopefully she gets one! Deferred from Fordham (my alma mater), accepted to UNCW and Stevenson (with Presidential Scholarship)…@lane0789, congrats on your acceptance!

Just applied as an Insider Applicant - 4.3 GPA, 30 ACT, 13/313, 8 APs, 7 Honors, lots extracurriculars and leadership, etc. I’ve received three other acceptances, but I’m not sure exactly when to except a response from MC (the rolling admissions aspect of it is odd). It isn’t my top school, but I am hoping for good financial aid, so we’ll see! It’s a front-runner so far. I’m visiting the campus in two weeks. Congratulations on your acceptance, @lane0789! Best of luck with your other applications as well!

Just got my acceptance letter today. Pretty excited, especially about the financial aid.

3.748 Weighted GPA, (Don’t know unweighted)
Top 26% of class (98th/387)
29 ACT
1970 SAT
No AP’s, but a lot of honors/college level courses
Pretty meh extracurriculars and letters of recommendation
Pretty good essay (if I do say so myself)

Applied as an “Insider Applicant” towards the end of December through the common app

Received a Presidential Scholarship for 19k a year along with my acceptance letter today. Pretty surprising considering I know someone else who applied with more impressive stats, course load, EC’s, etc., and he received the same scholarship, but for slightly less money. I guess I got lucky.

Good luck everyone!

D accepted today. 1830 SAT, 4.3 weighted GPA, decent ECs, AP/Honors courses, $19K scholarship.