Class of 2020

Has anyone received notification of the Presidential scholarship yet? If so, when?

Also, still waiting to hear. Does anyone know if notification comes by email or through regular mail?

In reading prior posts dating back to 2014, notification was received around this time… 3/17 and 3/18 through the mail in a large white envelope.

My D also eagerly waiting for Presidential scholarship notification. Do you know how many students Tulsa selects for this award?

35 are selected. I think there are about 200-250 eligible.

Still waiting here as well! Plz post if any of you hear and thanks !

In looking back at old posts I see last year, 2015, notifications were received around 3/25, 3/26. I believe TU was on spring break last week so we may have a few more days to wait.

The waiting is hard, but I was told today that this is the week of miracles. Best wishes everyone!

Just received my notification of the Presidential Scholarship today! Came in a big white envelop with a hard folder inside. We live in Kansas City (about 4 hours from Tulsa) so it may take awhile longer for others, good luck!

My D got Presidential Scholarship y’day and we are in CA. Was told 35-40 students are given this award.

My son did not receive it unfortunately. Congratulations to those who did. TU is an awesome place!

@PammyTU Did your son receive notification (mail/email) that he was not selected…or have you just not received a packet yet so are assuming the worst?

We received a letter on Saturday that he was not selected.

@PammyTU: Sorry to hear he was not selected. I’m assuming he still got a Vision scholarship, right? Is he still considering TU?