Class of 2020

Hey i was just wondering if anyone on here was planning on attending Whittier college next year. I am from the east coast, but whittier is my top choice. I could not find any groups online about next years class, so I would love to hear from people who are also interested!

Hi there! I committed to Whittier College yesterday. I’m from LA!

That’s awesome! If you don’t mind me asking, what was it that made you choice Whittier?

I mainly chose Whittier because of the small class sizes that allow close interaction between professors and the students. I have met the professors on campus and they are very attentive to student needs and of course are experts in their subject of study. Everyone on campus was very nice, encouraging, and willing to help. There are tons of opportunities to get involved as well. For example, you can do research in the newly built science building that opens in the fall of 2016, there are fellowship and research grants, societies, clubs, music ensembles, sports teams, etc. There’s also this thing called Jan term and it’s a month between the two semesters where you only focus on one class for a month. It’s a great opportunity to take a class that you are interested in and the best part is, they don’t charge you extra :slight_smile: Whittier is also a mainly undergraduate institution so undergraduates receive many resources and opportunities! The liberal arts curriculum allow students to become more well-rounded individuals and you can also design your own major!!

P. s. I also chose Whittier because of the large amount of financial aid package I received from the school.