Class of 2021 Admissions, report in....

Check your portals, son got his acceptance today.

Where did it say it in the portal?

Sign in, and under “Application” it says “Your Decision is Ready,” then you click “View Your Decision.” He got an early response by visiting the college, filing FAFSA, and Applying by the Dec. 1 EA deadline.

Accepted and selected to join the University Honors Program

Daughter accepted today into computer science, also honors program. We are in Phoenix wearing t-shirts and flip flops - looks like lots of snow in Ohio today! She had better think about that COLD weather!

Accepted with Honors Program

My son just received a voicemail from Admissions that he has been accepted! We never received an email, or his username for the portal, so we’ve been wondering what was happening. Very impressed that they reached out by phone!

Son ACCEPTED yesterday into engineering. Found the email in his spam folder!

I applied by early action using the Common Application, but I checked off that I had planned on taking the ACT two more times – I am finished taking the test now, should I have already been accepted or would it be a longer wait because of my two tests?