Class of 2021 BS/MD Program

I am aspiring BS/MD applicant and currently in my sophomore year. I have Pre-cal, AP environmental science, AP computer science A, essentials to health care with other regular courses this year. Last year took AP US gov. in freshman year. I did volunteering during the past summer in 3 local hospitals with about 160 hours and do weekly volunteer at an old age home and at pediatrician office. I am part of HOSA club and girls robotics team at school. I am also playing girls basketball at JV level currently.

I will continue the hospital for next summer plus trying to finalize the summer research opportunity.
Can you please advise if I should add anything specific to my resume in the next 2-3 years which will help me to be a good candidate to apply. Currently my GPA is 4.0 but that’s just 8th grade(some courses) and freshman year. I did my first PSAT in 9th and got 1210 without studying.

In my Junior year courses i am planning to take AP Cal AB, AP Bio and AP Lang as APs Rest regular courses. I had a question regarding Calculus: - should i opt for AP Cal Ab or AP Cal BC?

@NK202one You are in the right track. Continue to volunteer and help people who are under-served and seniors.
Don’t worry too much about BS/MD and application process. Enjoy your HS.
AP Calc AB or BC does not matter. If you have done all the pre-req go with what you are comfortable knowing your schools dynamics. It always helps to do at least 1 semester of Differential Calc in college. So even if you just do AB, it should not matter.
For my D only in Senior year she could do and based on situation only AP Calc AB. But since that year there was no sections for that, they put her in AP Calc BC and she ok in both school and also in AP test. She told there were additional chapters for BC.

I’m writing for my son, do you have the list of the BS/md programs, also i’m looking for the one accepting Canadian students.

can you have a 30 act but still get into a bsmd? I have a good GPA so far but I’ve been so frustratingly stuck at this score and I can never seem to improve. Also, what about test optional colleges, would it be a risk to submit a low score, since it could raise suspicions among colleges that I did not work hard for my score if I chose not to submit it? thank you :slight_smile:


There is a separate thread on BS/MD applications - suggest posting your questions there. Link is here:

I would try maybe taking the SAT if you have already taken the ACT multiple times. I would still submit the score because it is better than nothing. BSMD acceptances are very random most of the time so you still have a good chance if you build a quality application.

I would suggest BC just because it is more practical. AB is one semester of college in an entire year while BC is a much better representation of college calculus.