Class of 2021 EA DECISIONS.

The Decision date looks like 2/1, another site says End of January…

Cappex says 2/3. That is a Friday so that makes a lot of sense… Anyone else confirm the decision date?

URI’s site says “Most Early Action applicants receive their admission decision by the end of January.” I don’t know why they are so vague about it!

URI is top choice for both of my daughters. We are all anxiously awaiting decisions!

hopefully they will come sooner than later. does anyone know if they give a lot of merit money?

My D applied EA…she was already assigned an URI email address…but has not been accepted yet. Does anyone else have that?

@NorthofBoston26 same her. My daughter had to get a URI email address to log on to the application status portal.

I think the URI email address is just to use to check the status of application portal.

some people started hearing the 18th of january last year

My Daughter (OOS NJ) applied (not Early Decision/Action) and has still not heard anything…My oldest son graduated from URI in May 2015 with an Accounting degree and just over a 3.0 GPA…it took him six months to find a job but he is doing GREAT now…so from personal experience, I believe a business degree from URI has VALUE…Good Luck to ALL…

Accepted! URI posted D’s decision this morning.

Accepted today, 3.52 GPA, 1420 SAT (740 CR, 680 M). Does anyone when/where honors college decisions and merit comes?

I opened my portal today and it said they need my mid-year grades to determine an admissions decision for their pharmacy program. So nervous, it’s my top school! Congratulations for all that got in!

D accepted today…3.45 GPA 1140 SATs. Good luck to all!

Accepted into the College of Pharmacy with the PharmD major today! Good luck and congrats to everyone!! :slight_smile:

Hi steph3414 congrats! what is your sat/act, gpa?

Did anyone else that apply EA, never get an ID?

From the URI Website: Early action. Congratulations to all of our admitted Early Action applicants! Letters are being mailed and should reach you soon. If you have been awarded a merit scholarship, that information will be included in your acceptance letter.

Early Action decisions were posted January 16 on eCampus. You may view your decision by using the instructions we sent to you when you applied for admission. Some students will see a request for mid-year grades. Please have your school counselor submit those grades via the Common Application as soon as they are available. Admission decisions will continue to be released on a rolling basis until the end of March.

We encourage you to file the FAFSA by March 1 to be considered for need-based financial aid.

Congratulations! Did your acceptance on e- campus specify admittance to PharmD? My son’s lists pharm as his major, but only stated acceptance to the university. Wondering if yours had something more clear?

@warrior4 me too. My stats are 3.4 gpa 1080 sat. I have lots of ec’s class president 3 varsity sports every year. Capt of one.
Does this mean our stats were too low to be accepted now?