Class of 2021 Graduation/Senior Year Activiities

Can you all share what your schools are doing for your 2021 graduating kids? We are in California and sad to say, their senior year has been a waste in terms of how fun senior year is/was meant to be with cancelled events, zoom class etc. Some Northern California schools are still strictly online and there has not been any chance to celebrate their last year in high school - too many rules and not enough accommodations in my mind. Please share ideas or comments on how we can still make this year memorable, I will definitely share feasible ones with school admin.

We’re also norcal but looks like with decreasing positivity rate schools are going to reopen soon. As for graduation, it’s still undecided what’s happening, but tbh I just want to see my friends again.
So far, we’ve done netflix watch parties, and socially distant senior sunrise.

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Quick answer - not enough ! Small private school - approx 90 seniors in the class:

Here are a few things done this year:

The ASB (student gov) put together and sent a cookie kit with pumpkin/ heart cookie cutter to every Senior for Halloween and Valentine’s day - did this without direction or budget from the school. Some seniors sent photos of their finished cookies and were featured in an assembly. Kids got into this way more than ASB anticipated -so that is why they “repeated” it for Valentines day.

The school gave each senior a yard sign last year when Covid shut down - hasn’t done it this year yet. One area school did full size student cut out/photo yard sign last year delivered with a fresh flower lei. Wonder if a parent is in the printing or flower business !!!

Another private school in our area is sending a senior fun care package monthly - paid/organized by parents not school plus delivered lunch to every senior that signed up from a favorite local sandwich shop after college apps were in (again smaller private school)

When parents have addressed with the administrating they are told that more is coming… Asked my public school friends with much larger class sizes and they said nothing to date.

Would love to see ideas and pass on too :slight_smile:

One of the coolest things I heard last year was doing graduation at a drive in. The school video taped each student receiving their diploma at their regular venue with just the principal and the parents. They spliced the video together and showed it at the drive in along with the speeches. Families had to stay in their respective cars. They had a fireworks display at the conclusion.

My D’s old HS held socially distanced graduation outdoors with limited attendance, and will do so again this year.