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Hello…my daughter was accepted early action. I have read some posts that Monmouth is a commuter school and was hoping to get some feedback as we are hoping this isn’t the case. It’s such a beautiful school, and she received a great scholarship. Thanks.

As someone who attended Monmouth, I would say it is predominantly a commuter school. Most of the students I knew, as well as myself, commuted to Monmouth. In fact, as a resident of Monmouth County, Monmouth was the only four-year college within reasonable driving distance of me.

Statistically speaking, 46 percent of Monmouth undergraduate students live on campus, per the Princeton Review. For comparison, the percentage of undergraduate students living on campus at TCNJ is 58. Rutgers has a similar percentage of non-commuters (48), but also has a significantly higher student population than Monmouth (35,484 vs. 4,693).

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You’re welcome! Hope I was of help.

I would like to get a better feel for campus life from the students. This is helpful. Could one assume that for a first year student looking for the residential experience that Monmouth may not be a good choice? If only 46% live on campus, I wonder how many exit out on weekends. Is this a “suitcase” school?

Monmouth has a reputation as a suitcase school, but I can’t really confirm or deny this since I didn’t live on the campus. I wasn’t there on weekends, so I don’t know how many people left their dorms and went home. What I can say is there never seemed to be a lot of activity on campus while I was there. Keep in mind that Monmouth’s campus is about 150 acres in size and it’s in a borough with a population that’s a little over 8,000. It’s easy to get around and safety isn’t a big issue, but there’s less to do.

A lot of this comes down to Monmouth’s reputation and cost. Monmouth is regarded as a mid-ranking school, so it doesn’t have a lot of reach outside of the state, and NJ residents who want to remain in-state are typically going to opt for the better-regarded schools. Those who don’t get into the better-regarded schools are going to seek out cheaper alternatives since Monmouth is more expensive than the public colleges. For most, it’s not able to justify that its additional cost is worth it. As a result, a lot of people apply to Monmouth simply because it’s close to them.

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You’re welcome - glad I was of help.