Class of 2022 Agnes Scott College

@Ij2sweet good luck!

@1822mom i just saw on the website they updated it again it says EA I date is now 12/15

OMG @Ij2sweet thank you!! That is awesome news!! My daughter will be so excited that she doesn’t have to wait until January! ASC has really moved up her list lately. :slight_smile:

International student here. :slight_smile:
I’m really looking into ASC but I need lots of aid to attend (hopefully if accepted). Could anyone please share the stats of Marvin B. Perry scholarship recipients? It would be really helpful.

hello @sungava22 i believe someone on the first page daughter goes there try asking her. Also where are you from? :slight_smile:

@Ij2sweet I’m from Nepal. i need huge financial aid like HUGE. My EFC will probably just be around 2-3k. I have done some of my research on ASC but do you think they are generous with their financial aid package? I love their SUMMIT program and cross registration and everything and really hope to attend.

@sungava22 well from my research i believe the average grant is like 20k so most people pay half of the price you see.I love the summit program too. So im waiting on my decision now. :-SS

tiny update… they mailed it out on friday…so i seen on ig that a few girls got theirs… i hope this isn’t a bad sign. :o3
i was thinking i would know by december 1st… guess not maybe y’all should keep that in mind @1822mom yall may not know by dec 15th

Aw bummer @Ij2sweet … thanks for the update! Still have my fingers crossed for you!

My D got her box from ASC today! She’s in! So excited! <:-P Have you heard yet @Ij2sweet ? Anyone else?

I’m doing EA 2 @1822mom Did she get any merit aid?

The package today did not have details, just “you’re admitted, details to follow” along with a special gift. But she qualifies for the Trailblazer scholarship of $25k a year which they told her over and over before she applied was automatic based on stats if she was admitted, so I’m assuming she has that at least.

Congrats @1822mom. My D applied EA and hasn’t got any news yet.

@Jade3288 I just looked and her box is postmarked 12/11, which was Monday. We are in CA, and I was actually a little surprised it got here so fast as our mail is usually pretty slow. I knew they were out because they posted to instagram a video of someone opening theirs on Tuesday and I figured she must be in Georgia to get it so fast!!

Good luck to your D! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for her!!

@1822mom My D is an international applicant from Malaysia requiring need-based FA. I think the timing could be a bit different. Congrats. I hope my D will join AS.

Oh my yes, I imagine the timing will be a bit different! I wish you both well as you wait for word, the waiting is so hard!! :-SS :!!

@1822mom I wonder if your D applied ED or EA? My D applied EA.

EA 1. Decisions are to come out by tomorrow so if the portal isn’t updated yet, (I don’t know if my D checked hers she just got the box), it might be tomorrow. I will have my D check her portal tomorrow. Like I said, the package she received literally had no info other than “you’re in!” in it. I’m hoping when they update the portal there will be more.

I’m not complaining, it’s a fun, adorable package and my D loved getting it! Just setting expectations. :slight_smile:

I was accepted! I got the Trailblazer scholarship, and I was also invited to come to Georgia in February to interview for a full ride scholarship. Does anyone know the stats of the full-ride scholarship winners in the past? Any tips for the interview?

My D also got the Trailblazer and the invite to Scholars weekend! We’ll be there, but I have no idea about past winners or anything else. I honestly don’t expect my D to get it, she’s not great at interviews @-) but it will still be a great opportunity to experience the school and meet some potential future classmates!