Class of 2022 Agnes Scott College

Hello i wanted to make this, so some of us future scotties can connect. I personally love agnes and it’s my top school :x.
So i wanted to meet other people that like agnes…

i hope to get in agnes scott


Hi @Ij2sweet! Agnes Scott is on my daughter’s list and I love it for her! I think it’s kind a of dark horse candidate for her though. It literally checks all the boxes for things she is looking for in a school, except for one: location. We are in CA and the distance from home is a significant factor for her. But she liked it enough to keep it on the list and apply, it is the only school in east (or south) to make it on to the final list.

She hasn’t visited yet, we’ll do that after acceptances come if everything goes well :slight_smile:

Have you visited?

Just started considering applying there. Didn’t think there’d be a thread on CC lol. International btw

@gigichuck yeah i didn’t see one so i made one :smiley:
where are you from?

@1822mom yeah i’m from texas my mom and i plan on visiting after an acceptance (hopefully) we only live like 12 hours away its far but not to far. :slight_smile:

@Ij2sweet Nigeria.

I applied last Thursday! I’m from Pennsylvania, though, and haven’t visited there yet. How is the campus? Also, does anyone have an idea of the stats for Marvin B. Perry scholarship recipients?

My D did not the Perry scholarship and she had a 3.5 GPA and a 31 ACT. We never really expected her to. She did get a decent scholarship and was invited to scholarship weekend

@veruca she was already accepted? or did she apply in a previous year? What is the campus like?

@gigichuck oh how cool

Campus is very pretty! Brick buildings mostly. There is a parking and a small gym that is also open to the public on one side of the campus. Everyone seems to park there if they have a car. Freshman dorms are right in the center of everything. Just steps away from the Student center , library and dining hall.
Freshman dorms are NOT modern. There are two of them. They have a room to share with one other person and then a bathroom in the hallway. You can have one fridge in the room. No microwaves but there is a shared microwave in the community kitchen.
Decatur proper is in walking distance. Lots of restaurants and cute shops. There is a pedestrian tunnel so you don’t have to cross a main road.
Student body is very diverse. All kinds of women from all over the world.

Here is the common data set -it tells you what they are looking for and who they usually admit

@veruca Thank you! :slight_smile:

When do they usually make application decisions by? Like, when will I find out whether or not I was accepted?

On their website it say if you apply for early action by Nov 15th you can expect a decision by Dec. 15th.

@1822mom Oh, I didn’t see that! Thanks!

I did an interview for agnes scott just thought this could help someone. My interview went great, she was so kind. I recommend being patient. I went to my interview a little bit early (because my mom kind of made me we’ll see if that helped me or not) I was extremely nervous throughout the day. But once i got there i was able to talk pretty well, and we kind of kicked it off. We hugged and she bought me a VBF (if you drink it you know what that is) we had a chat about things that happened near my area and then we started the interview.

question i were ask was(just i few i remembered):

Tell me about yourself.
If you could make a class what would you make, and where would you go for abroad?
Why are you interested?
What do you do outside of school?
What book would you recommend me? (if you applied here you would know it’s a question on the common app)

Thanks for the interview info @Ij2sweet ! Did you visit campus for your interview?

@kassidyg I just wanted to provide a correction on the decision dates. Last month their website did say 12/15 as the date for EA decisions, but now it says 1/20 for EA I !! A whole extra month to wait! :((

My daughter is just about ready to hit submit on her EA application. She is very excited about ASC! :x

No she had a trip to texas so i meet with her at a starbucks. @1822mom
I did ED so I should know within a month now little stressed. I chose not to send my SAT or ACT ( in dallas school district we take both free btw) i feel like i would have a better chance speaking with someone in person, rather than judge me without meeting me. I wish y’all best of luck during this stressful time. I will update in about a month when I get my decision. ~X( X_X :!! :wink:

Very good luck to you as well!!