Class of 2022! and more info needed

Hi My daughter was just accepted! Just looking for more information from current or past students/parents about their experiences. Also I understand they have since amended their strict policy on males in the female dorms / vise versa - whats the current policy?

Flagler is my first choice and I’m still waiting to hear back, will definitely keep an eye on this thread in case anyone stops by.

Just came across your post although its a year old!
My daughter was just accepted to Flagler for next fall, 2019. Just wondering how your daughter is doing? does she like it?

How does your daughter like it? My daughter was just accepted for fall 2019. Curious about her experience so far.
Thanks for any insight.

Hi, my daughter has applied to Flagler and we are still waiting to hear back. We live in NJ and if my daughter is accepted she is going down to visit for weekend in March staying with a friend who is a Jr at Flagler and loves it!