Class of 2022 ED/EA Accept/Defer/Reject Discussion

Hi! My D’s letter didn’t come in the mail today :frowning: We are out of state so I guess we were overly optimistic that it would be in the mailbox today. Has anyone received their letter?

Where r u located? My mail hasn’t come yet

We didn’t receive it either. We are in NY. I don’t expect it today, but I hope it comes Monday. The waiting is killing us. LOL! Stay positive everyone!

Got into PC today with a $10,000 Friar Leadership Scholarship!!!

@mkcblackberry what state are you from??

@sstudent23 MA but right on the border of RI


@mkcblackberry that’s fabulous news! Congratulations!

I am CT and also have not heard

I’m north shore ma and haven’t heard

@mkcblackberry what are your stats and did you apply ea or ed

@sstudent23 I applied EA. I have a 1480 SAT (710 english, 770 math), a 3.7 uw gpa, and a 4.3 w gpa.

From California, hoping it will come Monday!

Any ED students want to share their stats?

I’m EA, but 3.8 UW GPA, 30 ACT, 3 APs senior year, 1 junior year.
Majoring in Marketing.
Summer internship at a marketing firm,
President of my choir, president of friendship circle, captain of tennis, captain of badminton, treasurer for my national charity league (I also volunteer over 200 hours every year, and win the presidential award every year for service), Founder/president of Girls Against Leadership Stereotypes (GALS) and ran/put together a seminar for local girls to learn how to become leaders, Me to We treasurer (and went on a service trip to Ecuador with them), volunteer for pediatric therapy network, member of mayor’s youth council, rep for tennis and badminton at team costa, treasurer and secretary for ambassador club, leadership seminar with Skillify (at USC), lead a team and raised over $300 for relay for life, also played piano for 9 years. (also confirmed 2 years ago to the roman catholic church)
hope this helps! good luck!

Can everyone please post their stats when they tell us if they get in or not, thanks!

From NJ. Has 3.8 W gpa and 29 ACT, 2 AP’s senior year. Varsity letter for years, 100+ hours volunteer work,

Early Action From CT. 1410 SAT, 4.3 w gpa, 1 AP junior year, 1 AP senior year. Dartmouth Award. Multiple Honor Societies, number one varsity tennis player four years league champ in year 2. Some volunteer hours each year. No word yet.

I’m so anxious right now :((

Has anyone from RI received their letter yet? I’m super nervous