Class of 2022 - RD

Anyone apply RD to Goucher , Our DD applied for RD. When is the notification usually

DD18 got accepted today VIA the website portal !

My son got an email today.

Just letting you know my son applied early admission and got his reply in December. With that being said they do offer a phenomenal program for admitted students which my son took part in last week. If you can’t make it on any of the official visiting days, they will allow a student to come and stay with a host student so they get a chance of living in the dorm and then shadowing a student in the classes that would pertain to your child’s major. My son did it last week and we live in Southern California. He was there for two days and really got to take part in the college feeling. Kind of puts the other colleges that he has only been on a student led tour or those that we have not yet seen and he was only going to be able to take a tour of not even in the same bracket because how do you compare only touring the school with being able to live the experience for a few days. He has since fallen in love with it and is most likely going to choose that as the place where he would like to go to school.
In addition: This is very specific so I won’t be surprised if people that I’m seeking out never reply as I’m not sure there are any on this forum but let’s see… Do any of your children who plan on going to Goucher College, were they competitive gymnasts whether they are male or female and as a result do they plan on participating in what Goucher calls their gymnastics club?? Mind you it is not a club that competes. But my son checked it out as they go to a gymnastics facility that has all of the apparatuses for men and women off-campus and he thinks should he attend Goucher College, that he may be part of it since he competed in gymnastics for the past 11 years but no longer wants to compete once in college.