Class of 2022: Sharing, Questions, etc...

My son recently got accepted into Engineering. It was his first college acceptance. This is all moving waaaay faster than I was counting on! We are local. Does anyone know if freshmen have to live in the dorms first year?

My DD got accepted into UH earlier this month and awaiting for Honors College and scholarship decisions. Anyone know the timeline for these items?

I am not sure of the timeline but I know it can take them a while to evaluate for the academic excellence scholarships - my son was accepted in mid-November and was notified the first week of January that he received it. He did not apply for Honors so I can’t answer about that. Good luck!

@imapuppet2022 my daughter just received a mailed notification about a scholarship to UH. I don’t think she applied separately to it.

@KIMZ99 @IDtoTX Thank you.

I talked to someone in Honors and they said once all documents are received (essay, unofficial transcript, etc), it takes 3-4 weeks for admission decision with Honors. Good luck!

I was in the Honors College and thoroughly enjoyed it. My roommate was a valedictorian from Michigan (now an ER doc in Grand Rapids) and suitemates were from Houston and New York. You aren’t required to live on campus but I highly recommend it. I graduated from east Texas…attended an Ivy MBA program. Best wishes to all future Coogs!

Hey Tristatecoog, we are seriously looking at U of Houston, my son also has eyes on UNC but we live 5 minutes from there! And UNC doesn’t give merit aid. My son could go to Uof Houston for almost a free ride, but it sounds to me like it has more of a commuter feel, there isn’t a sense of community or school spirit, he would be in business. I would love to hear your thoughts, thanks!!!