Class of 2022

Who has applied? More importantly who has been admitted?

My daughter applied - I want to say it was earlier this month, possibly very late September - but has not heard yet.

My son just found out he got in this afternoon!

i applied October 12th haven’t heard back yet

Nothing here yet. Daughter is checking the snail mail every day!

I had her go back and look and she actually applied on September 10th. She’s hoping to hear sooner than later!

I just found out today that I was admitted! I applied about three weeks ago, so early to mid-October, if that gives any insight.

Accepted with a $19000 scholarship!

Accepted on November 3rd with an $18,000 scholarship!

what majors did you guys choose, I choose healthcare and business, are decisions for that major delayed, I applied early October

DD applied so much earlier; I hope this doesn’t mean bad news for her. Are you all applying in or out of state?

Another student at our school hasn’t heard either, so hopefully it’s just that our region hasn’t been notified.

I applied to the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in late September. Has anyone else who applied to that college heard anything? Congrats to everyone who has gotten accepted so far!

I applied on 10/7 and heard back on 11/17. My girlfriend applied in late September and heard back in October.

Daughter finally heard back last Friday- accepted with $19000 scholarship.

Heard back last Friday, accepted to the pharmacy program with a $17000 scholarship. Congrats to everyone who has been accepted!