Class of 2023 Admissions Decisions - Towson University

I inquired with the Towson Admission office yesterday and was told admission decisions would start rolling out early next week. They recommended everyone check the portal to make sure all information was received.

Towson posted today on twitter a photo of envelopes ready to be mailed with the caption “Our first batch of fall 2019 acceptance letters is on the way!”.

Has anyone received a decision yet? I’m bursting for my son to find out…

Nothing in the mail for us today. Have to wait until Tuesday - no mail delivery on Monday for holiday.

Would be nice to have Towson come in this week. Based on some previous comments, it looks like we won’t see any possible merit until med-feb though, is that about right?

Letter came today…but DS is not home yet so all I know is he’s in!!! More info later…

I got in! Would merit scholarships be in my letter?

I was wondering about merit as well…DS got in…but want to know about $$$. All it said was he would find out later about the honors college…

I was hoping for merit as i’m way above their average standards but I’m also OOS so idk if that effects anything

No envelope here today. Little surprised since application was submitted in early September and we are in-state.

Daughter recieved her letter yesterday. I believe all merit scholarships come later. We are hoping as well.

No letter for my daughter either. She applied mid to late October and we are OOS. Another girl at her school got her acceptance letter yesterday.

D19 just texted me a photo of her acceptance letter which arrived today.

Does anyone know for sure when you are accepted, when can you expect to hear from the honors college and scholarships? Especially if you applied EA?

My daughter got her acceptance letter today! :slight_smile:

Please post stats with acceptance. Thank you!

In State/Out of State: In-State
GPA:3.4 (3.7 WGPA)
Status: Accepted

Acceptance letter today got daughter! Also curious when merit and honors decisions might come.

I got my acceptance letter to Towson today!!!
ACT: 30
GPA: 3.8 (unweighted)

Accepted today, applied 11-15, 1240 sat, 3,83 uw, 4.42w, in state