Class of 2023 EA Admissions

When will the EA decisions be released this year?

Their website says for EA they notify by 1/25.

it seems to be 12/21 last year

I got it today… anyone else?

was it a yes?

My S was accepted today. He applied EA. Decision came in the mail. Nothing on his portal and no merit/FA info.

Yes I got in

My D received acceptance this weekend in the mail. Her portal has not changed though.

My son (NorCal) just got the box today although according to USPS the package was shipped on 12/12

My son’s acceptance box (very cute, btw) came on Sunday (which is weird in itself bc mail doesn’t usually come on Sundays -it was the only thing the mailman dropped off). But when he checked yesterday, he said his portal wasn’t updated and I don’t think he has received an email.

still havent heard anything

@ameliefrommont last year some EA’s didn’t hear until mid January and were accepted with merit awards.

@alohalivin okay thats a relief hahaha! thank you for letting me know!

Merit scholarship arrived in the postal mail today - nice Christmas gift! I don’t see it in the portal though.

Just curious if any EA applicants have heard from UPS since December?

My S19 received his package on Friday Jan 18.

Congrats to him @daisychayn! In USPS or email?

@VanessaSF Postal service. It was literally a little package with a symbolic gift and a card that explained the significance (I won’t tell more- I thought it was clever- though my kid pointed out it would be cooler if was customized with a UPS logo or something!) Also, he did get an email the prior week saying that he would be notified by 1/22, which was much later than we originally anticipated based on admissions info (didn’t it say December?). I don’t know what the hold up was. We have not seen any financial letter yet… still waiting for that (it will make or break this option for sure!)

@daisychain thanks for the info. My daughter is worried as she’s heard nothing - EA acceptances are supposed to be out by 1/25 - I think December may have been ED.

@VanessaSF Sorry to hear that… the waiting is grueling. I hope she hears something today!