Class of 2023 ED?

Last year they posted pictures of decisions being mailed out on the third Friday in March, so I suspect they’re going to follow a similar time frame. I don’t know how soon after mailing out the packets they update the portals.

I agree it is late but Holy Cross doesn’t release their RD’s till April 1st! So not as late as you would think I guess. Still I think it is tough for kids to have a short month to make their final decision on a school. Think about it, many not only wait to see IF they get in but IF they can afford it. Then try to revisit, go to the accepted students day if it doesnt conflict with all of the other accepted students days, overnights etc… unless you 100% know where you want to go, I think a month before the deadline is too short. Just my opinion.

I’m trying to help a current high school junior whose first choice is Gettysburg and he will likely apply ED. I can’t seem to find the stats on what the people applying ED were accepted with. Does anyone know any stats that they can share? Thanks very much!