Class of 2023 ED?

Anyone else anxiously waiting for word from Gettysburg for ED1?

yes!!! have you heard yet?

No! We are so anxious! You?

Big orange envelope arrived today for my son…be on the lookout and good luck!!

Mail arrived and nothing today. Now getting super anxious!!!

We’re in PA…and only about an hour from Gettysburg. They probably just went out yesterday.

We’re in PA and an hour from Gettysburg! Nothing. ?

Congrats to you!

Well, I’m sure it will be there tomorrow…snail mail is finicky. My older son is a freshman at Gettysburg and now we have another Bullet. Best of luck…it’s a great school :).

Thank you so much!! I can’t believe how nervous we both are. I had no idea it was like this. How nice that your two will be at the same school!

I am literally not going to be able to sleep tonight. ?

It was a bit easier this year, just a bit. It’s stressful because we want what our kids want, and definitely do not want to see them disappointed. Please make sure to post tomorrow! I’ll look for the good news!!

Thank you!!

She’s in!

Awesome!! Congratulations!! She’s going to love it!

Our son got his big orange envelop on Saturday! So excited for him and us!

My son applied EA, does anyone know when those decisions may come out? thanks

Gettysburg doesn’t do EA.

Gettysburg REGULAR DECISION or EARLY DECISION. Regular Decision is due out in late March.

Late March for RD is super-late; we’ve known all other RD decisions for weeks since son applied in October for all schools. I’m disappointed because it’s highly likely that the decision will be made before them. But I suppose Gettysburg’s reputation allows them to wait. Oh well.

Not sure it’s “super-late”. Wake Forest, Washington & Lee, Bucknell, and Dickinson (for example) are all late March/April 1.

RD will be out mid March.