Class of 2023 National Merit discussion

October 5th is the due date. you have some time. you can check with eh principal. I’d have them check their junk mail or if NMSC has the wrong email spelling. Screenprint & send it to all the principals/ assistant principal and counselors in case one of them go tit by accident. Good luck.

look at /r/psat/comments/xe83xz/list_of_semifinalists_by_state/
for many of the lists.

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https:// www. usf. edu/ admissions/ freshmen/ admissions-scholarships/ nonflorida.aspx removethe spaces

Why would many not be eligible? It is just an earlier deadline and is non-binding.

Anyone applying SCEA is not allowed to apply to other private college EA programs. It’s one of the reasons SCEA is worse than even ED in my opinion.

If you are a Florida resident, you receive the Benacquisto which covers the the Full COA at all the Florida participating universities.

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Where are you getting that from? I don’t see anything on USC’s site saying this is restrictive early action. In fact, I see independent commentary to the opposite:

Let’s break this down. It’s non-binding and non-restrictive, meaning you’re free to ED somewhere else while applying EA to USC, plus you can apply EA or ED to other private colleges. Restrictive Early Action (REA) means you can’t apply early to another private college if you’re applying REA to a private college, or another public college if you’re applying early to another public college. We don’t fully get the logic of that, but whatever. And it’s not an issue here. Breaking News: USC Added Early Action — TKG

Not trying to challenge you. I’m just confused.

USC’s EA is not restrictive. However, since it is EA (not just a regular application submitted early), it prevents you from combining it with another school’s restrictive option (REA or SCEA). For example, you cannot apply REA to Stanford, and EA to USC. You must choose one.


Ahhh…I see now. Thanks!

EDIT: Sorry, I replied to the email notification I got before I saw that @tamagotchi had already explained it.

It’s not that USC is REA, it’s that students who want to apply SCEA to other schools won’t be able to do EA at USC and in the process many now be frozen out of the Presidential Scholarship at USC. For example, if a students long shot dream school is Princeton and they apply EA there, the rules prevent them from applying EA to USC or any other private school. So then they don’t get PU, and can only apply to USC RD. This is where the top school’s SCEA program is worse than ED. At least with ED, there would have been no prohibition against applying to other EA programs so a student could have still applied to USC EA while also taking their long shot on someone else’s ED.


Other than USC, which other private universities such as NYU offer merit scholarships to National Merit finalists/scholars, if they do how do we find out the addtional steps involved so we do not miss them?

Most of the schools with the big NMF scholarships are publics, mostly fairly large. A few I see that are private:

  • USC (half-tuition)
  • Fordham (full tuition, competitive)
  • Harding (tuition+)
  • Gustavas Adolphus (full tuition, competitive)
  • Illinois Wesleyan ($40k, competitive)
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Actually, one more private school I accidentally found that’s NEW for this year (or returned, more accurately). University of Tulsa used to have a substantial National Merit scholarship – 10-15 years ago, they were getting 50+ NMFs regularly on campus (a hefty percentage of their class for a fairly small school). At some point in recent history, they dropped it almost completely, saying only that NMFs were “eligible to apply for their Presidential scholarship”. Last year we have numbers for, class of 2020, they were down to 8 NMFs.

Anyway, it’s back – full ride for NMFs, and if I’m reading correctly, NMSFs too.


Last year USF didn’t release information until late January or Feb. But, it was by far the most offered. A complete full ride for OOS plus $4000 per year for other expenses.

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Stanford has specific exceptions that appear to allow simultaneous Early Action application to USC or any other private college if it is required for consideration of a scholarship or special academic program. My daughter reviewed this with college guidance counselors at her high school. She is planning to apply EA to both. She was named a NMSF and the USC half-tuition scholarship is very attractive!

From the Stanford website


It is Stanford policy that you may simultaneously apply to Stanford with a decision plan of Restrictive Early Action and to the following:

  • any public college/university with a non-binding early application plan or early application deadline.
  • any college/university with a non-binding rolling admission process.
  • any foreign college/university with a non-binding application plan on any schedule.
  • any military academy.
  • any college/university with an early deadline for a scholarship or special academic program, as long as:
    ** 1. the decision is non-binding; and**
    ** 2. in order to be considered for the scholarship or program, the student must apply in the early round or by an early deadline.**

That’s great! Thanks for sharing it!

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Thanks @socerbill .

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Boston University has its $20,000 NMF scholarship, but IMO it’s a bait and switch. It has a very early deadline requiring one to name BU as first choice with NMF, and then even if admitted you may not receive the scholarship.


@Pre-college - most private schools do not participate in NMSC because they offer better aid than most publics (my opinion). I always recommend using the Net Price Calculator for schools to help you understand the financial impact of your specific situation. My DS used it. He was a NMF, but decided on Notre Dame based on their great “need-based” aid. Their “ceiling” a few years ago was over $200k/yr of family income.


D23 application has been submitted and the school now shows they have transmitted it. We sent her SAT scores a long time ago. Is there a way to double check they received those? Is there anything else to do? Just wait all the way until February? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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