Class of 2023 National Merit discussion

@TexasMom18. Once you apply to a University you will typically get an Applicant Status Portal Account in 2-3 days. Set that up, log in and you will see something like:
If you see the SAT report is not showing up, then call the admissions office help line

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I was referring to the National Merit application. Is that what you are referring to? She has already applied and been accepted to Alabama.

okay, I was referring to college applications. I will ask the school counselor how we can verify that NMSC have received the SAT report.

You can call the NMSC and have them confirm they received the SAT score for your child. Both of my children called them to check.


How and when does one send SAT score to NMSC?

The same way you send score to any college. They have a code just like all schools do though can just as easily type “national merit” on the College Board send scores site and it will find it.

That said, good luck ordering scores online. Their site is so defective and the commerce functionality down so often that we’ve usually had to call instead.

While the app is due in 10/5 the scores aren’t due until much later though it doesn’t hurt to get the then out of the way.

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For my kid, I logged into the College Board website, searched for National Merit among schools/scholarship programs, paid my $12, and that was that.


Thanks. So fill the application online and send the scores from CB. Any other steps?

On your end that’s it, but the school has the finish the app. If you think your high school has their act together you’re fine. If not, you may want to check in with them.

Looks like they do, they have their set their own application deadline 4 days prior to the Oct 5th deadline. Thanks for your input dear!

Thanks @mathKids , @TexasMom18 Called NMSC 847-866-5100 to verify receipt of SAT score. It was really efficient, gave name and they verified it in 10 seconds.


I was surprised we haven’t heard anything from UCF yet on their OOS NMF scholarship for this year…until I went digging in some old threads to see when they announced their scholarships in 2021. Mid-November. Might have a while to go.

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University of New Mexico has apparently changed its full tuition/fees/housing NMF scholarship to in-state only. As of last year, their NMF scholarship was listed under both Freshman Resident and Freshman Non-Resident here; now it’s only listed under Resident.


Glad you found it! We’re really excited to offer this scholarship to all National Merit Semifinalists. - Brad Carson, TU President

The University of Tulsa is pleased to award admitted National Merit Semifinalists its highest academic scholarship, the National Merit Semifinalist Package. TU recognizes the outstanding academic success of a National Merit Semifinalist and believes these students will have a remarkable impact on campus life. The package includes:

Full tuition until an undergraduate degree is earned

Room and Board

Student fees

Textbooks (ALL incoming students receive free textbooks for the entirety of their undergraduate degree!)

Secured spot in Leadership TU class led by President Brad Carson

Guaranteed acceptance into TU’s Honors Program

$6000 yearly stipend

The university, along with the Oklahoma Board of Regents and the Board of Trustees, will invest over $265,000 per student (estimated $66,000 per year for four years) through the National Merit Semifinalist Package. Contact to start your TU journey.


Wow, that’s quite a package! Welcome to CC and thank you for sharing this amazing opportunity!


My son finalized his college list yesterday. The ones he’s applied/applying to with big NMF scholarships:

  • UT-Dallas
  • Alabama
  • Tulsa
  • UCF (although it’s uncertain if it’ll be offered)
  • Maine (a whim 'cause it was a free application, not likely to attend)

Will likely be visiting UT-Dallas at one of their special NM days. Signed up for one of the Tulsa Time two-day visiting days (general, not NM-specific). He’s been on normal visits to UCF and Alabama a year-plus ago, but we may try to do the NM visit at one or the other of them, too.


Is there anyway to know the final status of the application ?

The coordinator at my son’s high school submitted the application and then sent me a copy of the email she received. It simply said, “The application for X has been transmitted to NMSC.”

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Wrote to UCF asking about OOS National Merit for Class of 2023, not really expecting an answer yet. Got an email back saying they just received approval to keep the scholarship generally the same as last year. They’re still nailing down the details so it hasn’t been officially announced, but good news.

Last year was an OOS waiver plus $20k/year, limited to the first 40 only, so I’d expect something similar on both fronts.

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We just got the Invitation for their Directors Forum NMSF dinner scheduled for November18th. Mt S2017 went and it was q

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