Class of 2023 Nursing Admissions

It is that time. As the applications get completed and the results roll in share where you or your high school senior was accepted, rejected, still waiting and where you/ they hope to go. Post stats here as well and feel free to discuss any aspect of nursing if you’d like to keep it all in one place. Good luck everyone!

State Residency:

Direct or Pre-Nursing:
Applied date:
Decision date:
Anything else you want to add:



@nervousdad1970 Congratulations on her her admission to Decker @ Binghamton University. I guess you are nervous no more! Thank you for sharing


Applying to:
Ramapo College
Montclair State Univ.
Bloomsburg Univ of Penn.
West Chester Univ of Penn.
Penn State
Univ of Pittsburgh
Univ of Delaware
Univ of Mass Lowell

Nice list @Lauremal. Please keep us posted and good luck with all of them!

What about Simmons nursing? Opinions? My D20 loves it. I think she can get accepted into some schools with more name recognition, but I’m not sure if that matters as much as the clinical experience she’d get going to school in the heart of Boston’s hospital district.

@momof3cherubs I know nothing about that school but having it so close to clinicals is ideal. I have heard that a BSN doesn’t have to be from a name recognizable school as there will be a shortage of nurses in the future and they all will be needed. Not sure if that is completely true or not

ACT: superscore 30
GPA: weighted 4.94
Rank: N/A
State Residency: FL
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Female

School: University of North Florida
Direct or Pre-Nursing: Direct
Applied date: October 9
Decision date: October 19
Decision/College: Accepted
Anything else you want to add

Read: What matters is the quality of the nursing program, and not the prestige of the college. Employers in a region know which colleges have provided well-prepared grads in the past.

Daughter 17 is about 95% sure she wants to go in to nursing but knows direct admit nursing in CA is an impossible task for those under a 4.2 gpa. So she applied to various schools in and out of state. Mom is hoping she goes direct vs. undergrad then figuring out she does want to go into nursing and have to go the ABSN route after graduating.

SAT: 1200
ACT: 26 (retaken in Oct hopefully higher now)
GPA: 3.9
State Residency: CA
Ethnicity: White
Gender: F

ASU Direct - $14,500 Merit invitation to apply to Honors college - but honors seems hard to manage on top of already difficult curriculum so doubt she will apply
Florida Atlantic University - Direct - waiting on merit
Boise State - Pre nursing (safety school)

Applied and waiting
Seattle University- Direct
Univ of Portland - Direct
USF - Direct
Gonzaga - Direct
UC Irvine - Direct
Chico - pre nursing
Cal State Long Beach - pre nursing
SDSU - biology
Cal Poly - biology
UCSB - biology

Have visited all of the CA schools and will visit ASU soon and the Pacific Northwest if she gets into any of those schools. She loves the idea of Florida but dad and I don’t want her to go so far from home.

Congrats @futurenurse23 on being accepted at University of North Florida!

@LollieW Congrats to your daughter on Boise State, Florida Atlantic and ASU Nursing. Nice merit at ASU! Can’t wait to hear on her other applications

ACT: 27
GPA: 3.68 (UW), 3.814 (W)
Rank: 89/624
State Residency: Minnesota
Ethnicity: Asian
Gender: Female

School: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Direct or Pre-Nursing: direct
Applied date: 10/17
Decision date: 11/3
Decision/College: accepted
Anything else you want to add: don’t focus 100% on stats, essays can give application readers a good idea if nursing is really your passion and focus on telling them that (:

Congratulations again and thanks for sharing the acceptance to Minnesota TC with us!

ACT: 29 (super score)
GPA: 98.45
Rank top: 10%
State: PA
Ethnicity: white

Gender: Female
AP classes - 9

Schools Applied to: WVU, Univ of Del, Clemson, JMU, West Chester Univ, Penn State, Bloomsburg Univ

Direct Nursing - all but JMU

Applied: 9/11/18

Acceptance :
WVU (9/25)
Univ of Del (11/5)

Hi to @Summerdayz 's mom. Way to go on the West Virginia University and University of Delaware direct nursing admissions! Good luck with the rest of her list and please keep us posted

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SAT: Didn’t take
ACT: 31
GPA: 4.07 W, 3.986 UW
Rank: 37 out of 397, extremely rigorous high school
State Residency: WI
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Female

School: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Direct or Pre-Nursing: Direct
Applied date: 8/20/18
Decision date: 10/27/18
Decision/College: Confirmed enrollment for UMN!! :slight_smile:
Anything else you want to add: Also applied and was accepted to University of Iowa. Still waiting to hear from Ohio State.

@michsink np. Saw your daughter’s list of nursing schools please share if you would as the results come in

BSN2Bin23 congrats on your admission and confirming your enrollment to UM-TC direct! That is great news. Thanks for sharing

I was researching nursing at the University of Alabama and this is what I found for fall
ADMISSIONS data from 2017- the closest to now I found for nursing
Male- No. of in Female - No. of in =Total No. of students in nursing

Nursing 36+ 98+ =134