Class of 2023 - Too late to be recruited for women's soccer?

My daughter is going into her senior year. At the end of her sophomore year, she had a nagging knee injury. While minor, docs couldn’t pinpoint it so treatment/rehab/dealing with insurance was tough. Because she only played a bit in the fall, and not at 100% or knew when she’d play again, she was not sending coaches emails to come see her in the fall. We found the right PT mid spring of junior year and went to PT for a couple of months and on the road to recovery.

She hasn’t played a club game since the fall. She plays for a top ECNL team who are headed to a college showcase next week (but she won’t play), Surf Cup in July which she hopes to get some playing time in and an ECNL showcase in the fall which she should be close to if not at 100%.

Her original goal was to play at a smaller D1 (or at least not a top 25) and possibly a D2/D3. She was going to send emails for the upcoming July tournament and eventually the fall showcase.

  1. I know D3 recruit late, but are the D1s now completely out
    of reach?
  2. If she sends an email to the D1 schools (or any D really) she was originally interested in, how much should she go into her injury/recovery process so they understand why she is not reaching out until now if it was a top choice?
  3. She will not play in the college showcase next week so she is not mentioning that to coaches, but should she mention the July tournament if she won’t be close to 100%?

We know ‘23 soccer kids who just committed to d1 schools a few weeks ago. I assume they had been in constant communication with the coaches up to that point though.

I think it never hurts to reach out, send emails to every coach you’d consider. I’d say “I hope to play at the X showcase in July and will update you when I’ve finalized my plans.”

I think you need to be realistic at the same time. Maybe follow up with questions about open try outs/walk ons if coaches tell you they are done with 2023s.

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I’m glad she is on the road to recovery.

Is she in contact with any coaches now? If so, what are they saying?

Where (at what level) do her current club coaches see her playing in college?

She is in a tough situation. Coaches will likely see her at the July tourney and fall showcase whether she contacts them or not…and if she’s not 100% that’s not great. Some college coaches will understand because she hasn’t been at 100% for over a year, but some likely won’t consider her. How long does she (or her current coaches) think it will take for her to be physically at 100%, and then at 100% in games (obviously she will probably be rusty)?

She could be the perfect candidate for PG year, because she has previously played at such a high level (good enough to make a top ECNL team)…is that an option for her?

Thoughts @cinnamon1212?

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A PG year is a great idea, @Mwfan1921 , if playing in college is super important to her. On the other hand, playing club soccer at college might satisfy her playing urge.

This also might be a situation where a well connected coach could put in a word for her with some college coaches. It wouldn’t hurt to ask her ECNL coach, or even the Director of Coaching at her club.


There was a coach who reached out to her last year, but it’s not somewhere she wants to go so she did not pursue past the first phone call. Because she was hurt just about the same time coaches could contact her and when she was going to start sending emails for upcoming showcases, she has not had communication with any.

Before she stopped playing, her coaches believed she could play D1 - she was interested in Cal Poly, UC Irvine, as well as a couple of the Ivies. She is happy to play at a smaller school or a D3 school - she wants a good balance with academics.

She needs to have a conversation with her coach about when he thinks she’ll be 100%. She’s been going to a personal trainer for 3 months now to build back some muscle. Her coach says stamina is really her only issue now.

Definitely not too late!

Does your daughter have highlight film? She needs to reach out to to coaches at schools she would be interested in attending!

My 2023 daughter has a couple offers that want an answer by August. A couple of more are definitely pending. These are D3 and NAIA, and two are high academic, smaller schools.

Be honest about the injury, coaches know they happen. Send intro emails and link to film asap!


She may have to be flexible, but there will likely be coaches still looking for one reason or another. If she really is mid D1 caliber a coach may find a way to get her on the roster. I’ve said it many times, they keep and lose jobs based on performance.

There are coaches out there who will take her even if they are “full”, you just have to find them. But she may need to cast a wide net, and not be too picky about location.

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