Class of 2023

For those of you that might have attended in the past, or have information on it, what exactly happens at the “Admitted Students Day”? Also is it just for students or do many parents attend? It will be held on April 6 for freshman entering Fall 2019.
We are hoping to visit UAH in February/March so DS can have a couple meetings and see campus on a school day which would require plane trip or 2 day drive one-way. He still hasn’t made up his mind but UAH is in his top 2 and I think a visit would help. Just wondering if we do that if there is significant advantage for him to go back for Admitted Students Day…those plane tickets or long drives add up money wise and time wise, respectively!
Thanks, in advance.

@cmvaz1 My D has UAH in her top two as well and we plan to visit in Feb-Mar for an overnight/sit in on classes type of thing.
The website says the Admitted Student Day event has the usual stuff plus:
Register for orientation and finalize your housing and financial aid details.
I would guess you don’t need to go to do those things, and it would be an additional cost we don’t want to make (esp. since she’ll have to go back for orientation). So, doubt my D will go.

@cmvaz1 we attended an admitted students day in November 2017 - it was combined with a Discovery Day (prospective students) so there was a really good mix of students and parents, it was a bit crowded and lacked the personalization for admitted students that we were expecting. That said, we learned a lot, had good tours etc but it was generic, not geared towards our student.

I think a visit is in order, I don’t think that it must be on an admitted student day - we too are a lengthy drive or spendy plane ride away in Central Texas. I would make sure that you can arrange tours of what he wants to see as well allot time to meet with prospective students, financial aid and any dept. heads that might be of interest. The most interesting presentation we attended was by the dept that manages the internships and co-ops, I would make sure you had an appt. with them.

The housing application is online as is the orientation registration. My DD is in the Honors College and they were slated for the first orientation in May, since she had been on a gap year, this did not pose any scheduling conflicts and she was able to attend. I do know that the HC Orientation filled up quickly. I also know that the students can attend the very last orientation that is the day before move in, in August which helps with all those travel expenses.

We visited in Nov 17 - following acceptance
Sent DD on her own to Orientation in May
Drove her to Alabama for Move in in August.
DH and I flew to attend Parent Weekend in October
She is flying home for Christmas

The travel can add up fast - this was one of the things that made the low cost of attendance so attractive. We can afford the additional travel, attend a parent weekend etc since her overall school costs are so low.

Just wanted to pop back in to say all the info posters provided here was really helpful.

We ended up visiting campus in February. Solidified DS’s decision and he will be a freshman this coming Fall - Go Chargers! He won’t be going to one of the 2 day Orientation sessions this summer. We will be driving him to school in August and he will do the one day Orientation for out-of-state students that is held right before the Week of Welcome.

DH and I hope to visit in October (Parents Weekend) when the weather will hopefully be more comfortable than what we’ll experience in August :slight_smile:

@cmvaz1 congrats on your decision - where y’all from? My students social circle is expanding as is UAH and they now have friends from many all over the country.

@cmvaz1 If he hasn’t already and in light of his late registration date, your son can register online now. If he has AP/IB results coming in later, he can make changes at orientation, but this way he has some class options.

Hi Snowflake, we are in Phoenix (not looking forward to that long drive through Texas!).

Thanks Reebtoor, the advisor had mentioned he could register for classes once he committed, so he registered a couple days ago and will adjust, if needed, once this year’s AP scores come in.

@cmvaz1 Arkansas was a tree tunnel lol! We took a 5 day road trip to get to UAH and then 2 days to get back home - we really had a great time. Stopped in Memphis for 3 days, saw the King and the Pyramid, a trip dreams are made of LOL