Class of 2023

I decided to start a thread for the class of 2023. My DD received her acceptance on Halloween through her portal. They emailed her to let her know there was a message waiting for her. It also included Merit Scholarship information. She has not received a “Big Envelop” in the mail. She will wait to compare other EA offers and I hope we will have her decision before Christmas. Best Of luck to everyone!

Has she made her decision? I have a close relative who has accepted the offer. It was generous and the more I look at Southwestern U the more there is to like. Gorgeous campus. Nice location – for people seeking suburban school close to a big city this is one to add to your list. It’s so close to Austin that you can take a Greyhoud for $4. The campus is gorgeous. The academics look interesting and good. The architecture is lovely. There’s a river nearby for fun when it rains (does it rain in Texas? joking.)

@Dustyfeathers She is waiting for decisions from Trinity U and Furman. Then she will review all of her offers. She may visit her top choices again before making a final decision. We thought Georgetown was lovely. One of my husband’s co-workers has a brother who attends and he really loves Southwestern.

My older son graduated from Southwestern in 2016. We also live in the Austin area. Let me know if you have any questions.

We’re from Minnesota and my son was accepted at Southwestern and Trinity. We visited both schools in November and loved both. His spring break is in April and we plan on going to the Admitted student days to make the final decision. His wants to major in history and thought Trinity had a better program but Southwestern would be less money. Tough decision!!

My DD has decided on Trinity University in San Antonio. Wishing all of you the best in your college search process! :slight_smile:

Southwestern is a good school, but Trinity University has a $1.3 BILLION endowment fund, huge dorm rooms, superb instructors, which all have a PhD, state of the art facilities, and incredible research opportunities. If you have to choose, Trinity University might be worth the extra investment for the caliber of school. The average SAT this year is 1407, at Trinity University.

My daughter graduates soon from Southwestern. She chose it over Trinity and several other LAC!s. It’s a great school. She’s had a wonderful LAC experience there. She’s studied abroad twice, with additional scholarships both times. She knows her professors, Has made many wonderful friends. Really likes Georgetown. She did an REU at a highly ranked university. She’s landed a dream job for her major and is likely headed to grad school in the future. Her friends are landing really fantastic internships and jobs. It’s a great school. No regrets at all.

My son decided Southwestern over Trinity. He had an overnight visit in April with both schools and he felt SW was a better fit. Also, the cost difference was substantial which helped in the decision process. We would like to hear from others that will be starting in the fall at SW!

Does anyone know what the Lacrosse team culture is at Southwestern? What is the reputation of the students in general and then specifically the Athletes? Thanks!