Class of 2023

Did anyone get in?

my portal has everything checked off, even the admissions review or whatever but I wasn’t sure if notification of acceptance/rejection came in the mail or online. If it’s on the portal then my decision should presumably be ready but I don’t see a button for a status update.

@bleedorangebaby i read that it takes about 2-6 weeks AFTER the admissions review is checked off for your decision to be ready. the check just means that your application has moved forward to committee

yeah it’s been about 3 weeks I believe. More waiting! yay!??

@cforms Based on prior years expect ED acceptance decisions to start trickling out early December followed by the EA ones mid-December… into January
Good luck!

QU doesn’t have EA, only ED and rolling. My son applied rolling early November. I am wondering when he can expect to hear.

@BobMahloonga has his admissions checklist on his applicant portal been checked off? about 4-6 weeks after that. i applied 10/24 and im hoping to hear mid december!

Thanks dreamthief001! All items are checked off. I suppose we will hear towards the end of December. Good luck to you!

the portal changed for me today (looks like they added who your admissions counselor is, some buttons on the side) but it totally freaked me out for a minute thinking that my decision had been posted!!

some decisions are out

^^ how did you come by this news?

on the portal

My D’s portal now says there has been an update and click the link below to see your admission decision but there is no link! Anyone else have this?

@njmom76 - Did you or your daughter get an email to check the portal?

same no link!

No we did not just happen to check this am

if you call admissions they will probably add the link

@njmom76 @7213592 - Did you apply ED or rolling?

I figure we will call later today if it doesn’t load

@BobMahloonga @7213592 We applied Rolling and Sent all in in Sept